Planning Board 04-25-2022

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Call to Order 00:02:00

Call to Order Introduction of Board Members and Staff Members

Subdivisions: 00:03:40

Subdivisions: Pilots Way, Sub. No. 288, Modification of Definitive Subdivision, Deacon Crocker, Trustee seeks to amend the approved Definitive Subdivision plan, #288, as required by the existing covenant and plan in order to modify the roadway known as Pilots Way. (Majority of Full Board) (Click HERE for application materials)

Regulatory Agreements: Modification to RA 2017-003 00:46:45

Regulatory Agreements: Modification to RA 2017-003 Sea Captain’s Row, CapeBuilt Pleasant Street, LLC seeks to modify Regulatory Agreement No. 2017-003 to include the addition of a single one-bedroom “walkout” apartment to be added in the basement level of each of the two buildings that were previously approved as Buildings A and B. This will increase the total project unit count from 60 to 62. The Applicant also seeks to modify the relief previously granted from the General Ordinance, Chapter 9, Article I Inclusionary Affordable Housing Requirements – Section 9-4-D. to allow for two 1-bedroom apartments at 50% of Area Median Income on a “floating” basis dispersed within the forty-four (44) rental apartments in Phase One. (Majority of members present and voting)

Staff Updates 00:50:01

Staff Updates Proposed Local Initiative Program Applications Policy Adoption Local Comprehensive Plan

Approval of Minutes 01:00:33

Approval of Minutes April 11, 2022, draft minutes

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