Conservation Commission 03-29-2022

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A. Property Access Form – Required document to be submitted with Notice of Intent Application and Request for Determination. This form has been revised and reviewed by Kate Connelly, Assistant Town Attorney. B. Chapter 707 – revision to add Property Access Form requirement to Submission Checklist as reviewed and discussed at the March 8, 2022 meeting. C. Chapter 710 – revision to add Property Access Form requirement to Guidelines for filing a Request for Determination as reviewed and discussed at the March 8, 2022 meeting


A. Donald Anderson. 00:17:04

Raise garage roof and add dormers with no change in footprint at 100 Bay View Road, Barnstable as shown on Assessors’ Map 319 Parcel 030. DA-22006.

B. Daniel Kevles 00:21:22

Upgrade of failed leach pit to fully compliant Title 5 System at 215 Bay Lane, Centerville as shown on Assessors’ Map 186 Parcel 013. DA-22007

C. Colm and Ann Dunphy 00:25:26

Proposed construction and maintenance of a detached garage, pervious driveway, relocation of the existing sewer connection with no change in grade at 44 Gosnold Street, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 324 Parcel 027. DA- 22008


A. Jonathan & Elizabeth Carey 00:30:20

To construct a pool cabana and patio at 315 Baxters Neck Road, Marstons Mills as shown on Assessor’s Map 075 Parcel 008-001. SE3-5969

B. Philip Scudder – Hyline Cruises 00:35:41

Installation of a new sheet pile bulkhead immediately out-shore of an existing deteriorated timber bulkhead and maintenance of a timber pier at 138 Ocean Street, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 326 Parcel 067. SE3-5970

C. Carmella Kletjian – Yasmine Realty Trust 00:36:38

To construct and maintain a stone revetment extension located at 261 and 253 Seapuit River Road, Osterville as show on Assessors’ Map 051 Parcel 004 002 & Map 051 Parcel 002. SE3-5971

D. Paul Fitzgerald 01:02:43

Construction of approximately 102 ft. sloped stone revetment, approximately 67 ft. of vertical plastic bulkhead, and buffer plantings located at 207 Keveney Lane, Cummaquid as shown on Assessors Map 352 Parcel 023. SE3-5972

E. Christopher D. Heckscher 01:52:31

Proposed pruning and limbing of trees to establish a vista corridor, create footpath, and install seasonal beach access stairs at 144 Peppercorn Lane, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 004 Parcel 010. SE3-5973


A. Glen Lane Nominee Trust 02:09:17

Amended NOI Modification of existing pier by extending fixed section 24’, reusing the existing ramp and turning the end float parallel to the channel or, in the alternative, dredging ±95 cu. yds. around the existing pier at 49 Main Street, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 185 Parcel 020. SE3-5941 Continued from 2/15/22

B. IL-TEMPO-SE-NE-VAS, LLC. 02:48:02

Proposed patio reconfiguration, installation and maintenance of boardwalk and ramp, restoration and mitigation plantings and all associated landscaping at 105 Sunset Lane, Barnstable as shown on Assessor’s Map 301 Parcel 029. SE3-5967 Continued from 3/15/22.

C. Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife 03:33:51

Management of specialized and rare species in a unique ecosystem using various tools including herbicide, mechanical (cutting/mowing), prescribed fire, and timber harvest at 0 Mary Dunn Road, Hyannis as shown on Assessors’ Map 347 Map 002-001. SE3-5957. Continued from 3/15/22 for the sole purpose of receipt of NHESP letter and comments.


A. A.J. Khoury, TR. The Khoury CC RE Trust SE3-5010 Pool/Retaining Walls/2x Staircase for Beach Access / Mitigation Planting (COC, ez) 835 Sea View Ave, Osterville Coastal Bank, Coastal Beach B. Chris Cotia, Executive Landscaping SE3-5372 (COC, ez) Pool/Patio/Mitigation 1311 Craigville Beach Rd Riparian Buffer Zone, BVW C. Larry Singmaster SE3-1108 (COC, ez) Removal of Wooden Groins / Construction of Stone Groins 101 Ocean Ave, Hyannis Land Under Ocean, Coastal Beach D. Nominee Trust Services SE3-4914 (COC, ez*) Invasive Management / Mitigation Planting / Stairs / Pool 819 South Main St, Centerville Coastal Bank

VI. MINUTES 03:35:48

A. March 1, 2022 B. March 15, 2022

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