Planning Board 03-28-2022

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Call to Order 00:01:49

Call to Order Introduction of Board Members and Staff Members

Notice of Recording 00:02:13

This meeting is being recorded and broadcast on Channel 18 and in accordance with MGL Chapter 30A §20. The Chair must inquire whether anyone else is taping this meeting and to please make their presence known.

Public Comment 00:02:28

Zoning Amendment TC item No. 2022-134 00:02:49

Proposal to Amend Chapter 240 Zoning Article XIV, Citizens Petition to Establish a Temporary Moratorium on Large Scale Ground Mounted Solar Photovaltaic Systems - The purpose of this public hearing is to take comment on a citizens petition proposal to add a new section §240-129.2 establishing a temporary moratorium on Large Scale Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Systems, as defined, for a period of eleven and one half months. This amendment is a petition made by ten certified registered voters of the Town and was referred to the Planning Board for a public hearing by Town Council Item No. 2022-134. (Public Hearing) (Majority of members present and voting for recommendation to Town Council) (Click HERE for application materials)

Regulatory Agreement RA – 001 00:45:22

Flagship Estates Hyannis LLC To determine if the proposed amendment to eliminate the construction of Building E and install a parking lot in its place, and reduce the overall number of units from 29 to 24, thereby reducing the corresponding number of affordable units required by the Town’s Inclusionary Affordable Housing Ordinance, Chapter 9 of the Barnstable Code, from 3 to 2 affordable units qualifies as a minor amendment or a substantial amendment in accordance with §168-5D. (Majority of members present and voting) (Click HERE for application materials)

Staff Updates 00:47:00

Local Comprehensive Plan

Approval of Minutes 00:47:27

Approval of Minutes March 14, 2022, draft minutes

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