Zoning Board of Appeals 03-09-2022

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Call to Order Introduction of Board Members 00:01:48

Notice of Recording 00:02:18

Please note that this meeting is recorded and broadcast on Channel 18 and in accordance with MGL Chapter 30A ยง20. I must inquire whether anyone is taping this meeting and to please make their presence known.

Minutes February 23, 2022 00:02:35

Appeal No. 2022-001 00:03:30

Robert A. Savoie, Trustee Robert A. Savoie Rev Tr

Appeal No. 2022-002 00:05:46

Appeal No. 2022-002 Sheree Kay, Trustee for SPK Family Realty Trust

Appeal No. 2022-004 Coughlin 00:35:50

Appeal No. 2022-004 Coughlin

Appeal No. 2022-005 Salazar 00:38:28

Appeal No. 2022-006 White 00:49:33

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