Historical Commission 02-15-2022

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Zola, John & Dawn 00:02:33

Zola, John & Dawn, 91 Route 149, Marstons Mills, Map 077 Parcel 008/000, built c. 1774. Partial Demolition: Add a 7’0” wide mudroom addition with covered porch, remove a single window for a new cased opening from the new mudroom into the existing cottage, remove existing rear door and install 2 windows, and to remove rear doors and add a new window.

Rita Catherine Meyer Trust 00:14:50

Rita Catherine Meyer Trust, 4 Washington Avenue, Hyannis Port, Map 287 Parcel 041/0000, built c.1898. Building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Partial Demolition: Remove windows at sunroom and return the space to its former covered porch state. Remove some interior walls to reconfigure spaces. The proposed new construction will include new decking and sidewall in place of previous interior finishes.

Stolba, Ashley & Garret Weston 00:22:41

Stolba, Ashley & Garret Weston, 1160 Main Street, Cotuit, Map 034 Parcel 058/000, built c. 1900. Building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Partial Demolition: The original historic residence to be restored per proposed elevations with new addition to be located at the north and rear sides of the house. The north wing, rear porch/deck, and front bay window are proposed to be demolished to allow for the new addition, renovations, and for restoration of original historic home. Full Demolition: To demolish the detached garage to replace with a new carriage house.

OTHER 00:49:51

OTHER ? Letter of Support – Barnstable Unitarian Church ? New England Wind Section 106 Consulting Party Meeting, March 3, 2022 from 1-3 pm via zoom ? Report from Dynamic Environmental Associates, Inc. for Section 106 Review for a telecommunications tower at 36 Wequaquet Lane. ? Preservation Awards Marketing ? Inventories Update ? Trayser Artifacts Update ? Certified Local Government Sub-Committee Update ? Update: Community Preservation Committee ? Historic Events Open to the Public

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