Conservation Commission 02-01-2022

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James P. Donahue & Jennifer A. Belesi Donahue 00:01:30

James P. Donahue and Jennifer A. Belesi Donahue. To construct a 3.5’ x 5’ addition, landscape and hardscape improvements to include patio areas, walkways, driveway improvements, vista pruning, and buffer restoration at 56 Harrison Road, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 229 Parcel 075. SE3-5946 $33.15

Patrick K. Coughlin & Kimberly Picullel Coughlin 00:54:30

B. Patrick K. Coughlin & Kimberly Picullel Coughlin. Proposed improvements to include replacing existing failing foundation with dwelling raised 18’, partial second floor addition and dormers, replace and enlarge deck by 2’, proposed patio areas and walls, and parking at 186 Lake Elizabeth Drive, Centerville as shown on Assessors’ Map 226 Parcel 184. SE3-5947 $39.78

S&D Boston Properties, LLC. 01:29:20

S&D Boston Properties, LLC. Proposed site improvements to include: pool, deck, landscaping and ecological restoration at 208 Little River Road, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 054 Parcel 020. $19.89

Karen Freeman 01:48:42

Karen Freeman. Proposed construction of a single-family dwelling with an attached garage and deck, subsurface septic system and driveway at 36 Deacon Court, Barnstable as shown on Assessor’s Map 300 Parcel 054. $26.52

Alex McKee and Olivia Snyder 01:57:48

Alex McKee and Olivia Snyder. To permit and maintain existing retaining walls and driveway at 59 Seventh Avenue, West Hyannisport as shown on Assessor’s Map 246 Parcel 153. $19.89


Daniel Alperin & Julie A. Solomon 02:08:59

Daniel Alperin & Julie A. Solomon. To demolish a single family dwelling and construct new with all associated appurtenances at 247 Nyes Neck Road, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 232 Parcel 077. SE3-5944 Continued from 1/11/22


A. Sterling Construction SE3-1887 131 Carlson Lane, West BarnstablE B. TOB/DPW SE3-5339 2331 & 2377 Rt. 149, West Barnstable BVW

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