Historical Commission 08-17-2021

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CALL TO ORDER 00:03:01

CALL TO ORDER Acting under the provisions of the Code of the Town of Barnstable, §112-1 through §112-7, the Historical Commission will hold a Public Hearing on the following applications. The following Applications have been determined significant and were referred to a Public Hearing:


Cotuit Federated Church Trust 00:03:46

Cotuit Federated Church Trust, 40 School Street, Cotuit, Map 035, Parcel 050, built 1900 Partial demolition to construct two additions proposed; one at the north end of the church and one at the southeast end of the church

Brunner, Christian & Katherine 00:13:02

Brunner, Christian & Katherine, 17 Pearl Avenue, Hyannis, Map 287, Parcel 003, built c.1900, contributing structure in the Hyannis Port Historic District Partial demolition Replace the existing foundation, lift the house and construct a new foundation; expand the rear elevation to provide a 2-car garage; add an octagonal room at the southeast corner


Dacey, Brian 01:17:30

Dacey, Brian, 20 Grand Island Drive, Osterville, Map 072, Parcel 014/000, built 1920 Full demolition of the single family structure and all out buildings

Croteau, Daniel & Kathryn 01:44:06

Croteau, Daniel & Kathryn, 76 Long Beach Road, Centerville, Map 206, Parcel 009/000, built 1920 Full demolition of the single family structure

Griffin, Liam & Amy 01:56:02

Griffin, Liam & Amy, 191 Sea View Avenue, Osterville, Map 138, Parcel 015/000, Julia S. Day House, built 1898-1899, contributing structure in the Wianno Historic District Partial Demolition lift and relocate the existing structure onto a new foundation to include a new basement, change windows and doors, convert flat roofs to pitched roofs, and add a 3-car garage with living space above

Stiles, Jane E. Trust 02:30:03

Stiles, Jane E. Trust; Jane E. Stiles Trust, 24 Maple Avenue, Centerville, Map 207, Parcel 037, built 1936 Full demolition of the single family structure and garage structure

Babcock Holdings, LLC 02:52:32

Babcock Holdings, LLC, 11 Marchant Avenue, Hyannis, Map 286, Parcel 026/000, David Scudder Homestead, built c.1797, contributing structure in the Hyannis Port Historic District Full demolition of the detached garage structure

OTHER 02:53:38

? Update - Request for action relative to §112-5 – The abutters of 554 Wianno Avenue, Osterville, Map 162, Parcel 013/000, contributing structure on the National Register of Historic Places, have expressed concern over potential neglect of this property and have requested action by the Commission to require maintenance so as to avoid demolition by neglect. Response to request from Jeff Carter, Deputy Director of Inspectional Services. ? Update – Historical Commission Regulations Sub-Committee ? Update – Community Preservation Committee ? Historic events open to the public

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