Board of Health 05-25-2021

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I. Variances – Septic 00:01:47

I. Variances – Septic (Continued from May 11, 2021: John O’Dea, Sullivan Engineering & Consulting, representing Gregory and Julianna Pinto, owners - 63 Ocean Avenue, Centerville, Map/Parcel 226-149, 8.3 acre parcel, requesting multiple variances.

II. Variances – Septic: 00:08:14

II. Variances – Septic: A. Dan Ojala, Down Cape Engineering, representing Samuel Traywick, owner – 744 Old Falmouth Rd, Lot B (which is expected to be renamed 20 Wendy Way), Marstons Mills, Map/Parcel 124-016-001, requesting one variance.

III. Innovative/Alternative (I/A) Septic Systems: 00:19:50

220 Bay Street, Osterville 00:20:44

B. Chuck Rowland, Sullivan Engineering & Consulting, representing Brian Koelbel and Tracy Ryan, owners – 220 Bay Street, Osterville, Map/Parcel 094-005, 2.42 acres parcel, house renovation, requesting two variances and the use of the NitROE Innovative Alternative (I/A) septic system.

138 Bridge Street, Osterville 00:39:48

C. John O’Dea, Sullivan Engineering & Consulting, representing Mark Curley, owner – 138 Bridge Street, Osterville, Map/Parcel 093-030, 22,300 square feet parcel, repair of failed septic system, using a NitROE Innovative Alternative septic system requesting two variances

306 Lakeside Drive, Marstons Mills 00:46:02

A. Joseph Henderson, Horsley Witten Group, representing Zenas Crocker, owner – 306 Lakeside Drive, Marstons Mills, Map/Parcel 102-028, 0.23 acre parcel, repair of septic system using a NitROE Innovative Alternative septic system.

V. Variance – Grease Trap: 01:02:40

V. Variance – Grease Trap: Don Cox representing Gimmy’s Tavern at Hyannis Golf Course – 1800 Iyannough Road, Hyannis, Map/Parcel 254-016, property owned by Town of Barnstable, on septic system, has 1500 gallon grease trap qualifies for 100 seats, requesting variance to allow 287 seats.

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