Board of Health 03-30-2021

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I. Variances – Septic 00:01:11

John O’Dea, Sullivan Engineering, representing Lisa Mingolla, Trustee of Slow Marsh One Nominee Trust, owner – 1462 Main Street, Cotuit, Map/Parcel 017-013, 1.25 acre parcel, requesting one setback variance from coastal bank for revised plan to septic permit # 2019-321.

II. Request for Review for Interpretation and Conf 00:07:14

Matthew Eddy, Baxter Nye Engineering, representing Bell Tower Corporation, owners – 1600 Falmouth Road, Centerville, Map/Parcel 209-014, 9.91 acre parcel, request for interpretation and confirmation that project is not an increase in flow. Confirm Section 360-37 does not apply for the conversion of office space to residential apartments in a mixed use complex. Public sewer will be available at the site within a few years. no variances requested.

III. Exemption from Title 5 Inspection-Sewer Conne 00:21:10

Winna Brown, potential buyer, 70 Hyannis Avenue, Hyannis, requesting exemption from a septic inspection at time of sale provided there is an agreement with Board of Health to connect within two years. Sewer connection is expected to be done this Fall 2021.

IV. Variance – Grease Trap: 00:25:00

Osvaldo (Ozzy) Valdovimos, owner – Mi Pueblo, 459-B Main Street, Hyannis, requesting grease trap variance to continue with his brother’s business.

VI. Regulation / Policy: 00:37:50

Proposal regarding Section 322-5 of the Town of Barnstable Code.

VII. Update on Shubael Pond Alternative Septic Pro 00:41:50

Zenas Crocker, Barnstable Clean Water Coalition and Mark Nelson, Horsley Witten Group, will provide latest update and ask Board to consider variance(s).

V. Minutes: February 23, 2021 Minutes. 01:24:10

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