Planning Board 01-11-2021

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Zoning Amendments 00:03:40

ZA TC Item No. 2021-058 MAH District– 3 Whitehall Way Proposal to amend the Town of Barnstable Zoning Ordinance by amending Article II, Chapter 240, Section 6, The Zoning Map of the Town of Barnstable to rezone property from the Residence C-1 Zoning District to the Multifamily Affordable Housing Zoning District. The proposed Zoning Map Amendment would expand the MAH District to include the adjoining parcel at 3 Whitehall Way. The prospective developer of the MAH parcel purchased the property and has agreed to deed restrict it from development. The parcel would be utilized for the purpose of calculating density, setbacks, and compliance with open space requirements. ZA TC Item No. 2021-059 MAH Affordability– Proposal to amend the Town of Barnstable Zoning Ordinance by amending Article III, Chapter 240, Section 16.1, Multifamily Affordable Housing District to modify the required percentage of affordable units and to revise the definition of affordable unit. In addition, this item proposes to amend the Town of Barnstable Zoning Ordinance Article XI, Chapter 240, Section 116 Exemptions to exempt development permitted under the Multifamily Affordable Housing from Growth Management.

Special Permits 01:12:00

SPECIAL PERMIT NO. 2020-03 – Standard Holdings, LLC, seeks a Special Permit pursuant to Section 240-16.1 C(1) – Multi-family affordable housing development to allow for proposed construction of approximately 70,000 square feet multi-family housing, 53 dwelling units of which 10 will be affordable units. The property is 850 Falmouth Road and 3 Whitehall Way, Hyannis, MA and is shown on Assessor’s Map 250 as Parcels 036 and 160. The subject property (850 Falmouth Rd.) is located in the MAH – Multi Family Affordable Housing District and the GP – Ground Water Protection Overlay District. This Application has been requested to be continued to January 11, 2021. New public notice of the hearing will be provided.

Minutes 01:35:50

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