Community Preservation Committee 02-24-2020

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Call to Order 00:00:01

Minutes 00:00:28

• Approval of the Draft Community Preservation Committee Regular Meeting Minutes from December 16, 2019, January 27, 2020 and Special CPC Meeting February 13, 2020.

Letter of Intent: YMCA Cape Cod 00:02:30

• A Letter of Intent has been received from YMCA Cape Cod requesting $50,000 in Community Preservation Open Space/Recreation funds for creation of a playground, play areas, walkways, benches and plantings associated with a new YMCA Early Education Center proposed to be located on North Street in the Hyannis Village Marketplace, Hyannis.

Letter of Intent - Whelden Memorial Library 00:15:08

• A Letter of Intent has been received from the Whelden Memorial Library, 2401 Meetinghouse Way, West Barnstable requesting $90,000 in Community Preservation Historic Preservation funds to preserve and restore the library. The following was identified as needing replacement: shingle siding; gutter and fascia boards; windows and sills; wooden decking and ADA ramp; wiring and lighting within the building were also identified as needing updating.

Letter of Intent - Pope John Paul II High School 00:24:04

• A Letter of Intent has been received from St. John Paul II High School requesting $285,000 in Community Preservation Open Space/Recreation funds for the rehabilitation of the softball field area located at 120 High School Road, Hyannis as a part of an extensive campus renovation. Total project cost is $380,000 with $95,000 to be provided for expenses that Community Preservation funds cannot offset.

Applications - Mid- Point Apartments 00:41:30

• The Application from Mr. Jake Dewey requesting $400,000 in Community Housing funds for the creation of 4 affordable residential rental apartment units ($100,000 each) within a 14 apartment unit redevelopment project called “Mid-Point Apartments” located at 560 West Main Street, Hyannis was approved by the Community Preservation Committee unanimously at a special meeting held February 13, 2020. A vote of the Community Preservation Committee is required to reflect that funds are to be expended from the Community Preservation Undesignated fund. Three units will be restricted at 80% AMNI and 1 unit at 65% AMI.

Applications - Tales of Cape Cod 00:43:39

• An Application has been received from Tales of Cape Cod, Inc. requesting $132,000 in Community Preservation Historic Preservation funds for permanent restoration of the support structure of the 1st floor in oldest part of the Olde Colonial Courthouse located at 3046 Main Street, Barnstable Village. The total estimated project cost is $182,500 with $50,000 committed from the Tales of Cape Cod, Inc. Additionally, an application to the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Funds for emergency funds in the amount of $60,000, and if granted would be applied to this project reducing the amount needed from the Barnstable Community Preservation Fund to $72,000.

Public Comment 01:20:06

Correspondence Received 01:20:33

• Substantial CPA Trust Fund Payment (State match now $905,447) o Vote to set aside 10% of the excess for each program area for FY20 ($54,574). • Community Preservation Fund – Schedule of Unreserved Balances by Program Area As of January 17, 2020 prepared by Mark Milne, Director of Finance.

Project Updates/Member Discussion 01:21:41

Project Updates: • Cape Cod Horticultural Society will return in late Spring 2020 with a Letter of Intent. • Affordable Housing Growth & Development Trust & West Barnstable Community Building Applications were approved by the Town Council; funds will be available February 25, 2020. • Orenda draft CR/plan received approval of LAPC and has been forwarded for inclusion on a Town Council agenda. • At the request of the applicant, the Cape Playhouse Application has been postponed to a date in the Fall of 2020. • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church- Historic Restriction has been approved by the State and ready for endorsement/recording. • An Application is anticipated from Barnstable Land Trust for acquisition of 15.96 acres located at 28 Falcon Road, West Barnstable with a conservation restriction to the Town of Barnstable. • A revised Application from the Barnstable Historic Society, Inc. including 3 bids for an architect’s existing building report is anticipated. Member Discussion: • Historic project review process. • 2020 CPA Draft Plan Updates. • Handbook Updates. • Annual meeting to be scheduled before the March 16, 2020 meeting. Adjournment:

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