Conservation Commission 01-21-2020

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Geoffrey S. & Laura A. Rehnert 00:01:25

Geoffrey S. & Laura A. Rehnert. Proposed addition to pool cabana at 285 Seapuit Road, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 095 Parcel 007-001. DA-02001 $20.34


James Herrington, Halls Creek Preservation Fund 00:02:41

James Herrington, Halls Creek Preservation Fund, Inc. Proposed maintenance and improvement dredging, for navigation purposes, sections of Halls Creek, beach nourishment of Squaw Island Spit and Green Dunes Beach, and repairing two existing jetties at 0 Beach Street, 0 Island Avenue, 149 Island Avenue, 251 Green Dunes Drive, 3 Beach Street, and 5 Beach Street, Hyannis Port as shown on Assessor’s Map 245, Parcels 034, 033, 035, 137, Map 244 Parcel 001, Map 265 Parcels 001, and 019. $54.24

Town of Barnstable, DPW. 00:30:45

Town of Barnstable, DPW. The project consists of the construction of a new underground pump station in the road island at the intersection of Rendezvous Lane and Salten Point Road, the installation of an electrical generator and control panel on the north side of the islands cross road, the installation of approximately 350 ft. of a new gravity sewer line along Rendezvous Lane from the intersection of Salten Point Road to where Salten Point Road rejoins Rendezvous Lane, shifting the cross road at the island south 5 feet and reducing its size by at least 5 feet, and the abandonment of the existing pump station and associated sewer lines as shown on Assessors Map 279 Parcel 030, Map 280 Parcels 007, 029, 034, 035, Map 300 Parcel 020, Map 301 Parcels 003 and 004. SE3-5753 $74.58

Timothy and Janet Green 00:44:27

Timothy and Janet Green. To construct a master bedroom and garage additions to the existing dwelling with all associated appurtenances at 140 Conners Road, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 251 Parcel 014. SE3-5754 $27.12


Meany SE3-5577 00:51:55

Meany SE3-5577 (coc, ez) convert deck 114 Wild Goose Way, Centerville - Scudder Bay

Swenson SE3-5308 00:51:55

Swenson SE3-5308 (coc, ez) construct grass driveway 110 & 112 Nyes Neck Road East, Centerville - Bearse Pond; Wequaquet Lake

MINUTES - January 7, 2020 00:52:06

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