Land Acquisition & Preservation Committee 01-13-2020

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Call to Order/Introduction of LAPC Members 00:00:07

Notice of Recording 00:01:57

Please note that this meeting is recorded and broadcast on Channel 18. In accordance with MGL Chapter 30A ยง20, I must inquire whether anyone is taping this meeting and if so, to please make their presence known.

Approval of Minutes of December 9, 2019 00:02:19

New Business 00:02:40

Discussion on the status of the Open Space & Recreation Plan with guest Elizabeth Jenkins, Director, Planning & Development

Old Business 00:27:00

Update on Pending Conservation Restrictions-Prince Avenue/Harju/Amaral Update on CR Approval Process Update on application of Orenda Wildlife Land Trust Update on Pathways Subcommittee Update on Santuit Management Plan and Committee Update on pending Community Preservation Committee open space applications. Report from Town Council Liaison Kris Clark

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