Community Preservation Committee 12-16-2019

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Call to Order 00:00:25

Minutes 00:00:47

Approval of the Draft Community Preservation Committee Regular Meeting Minutes from September 16, 2019 and November 18, 2019.

Letter of Intent - Mr. Jake Dewey 00:02:04

• A Letter of Intent has been received from Mr. Jake Dewey requesting $200,000 Community Preservation Housing funds for the creation of 2 affordable residential rental apartment units ($100,000 each) within a 9 apartment unit redevelopment project called “Mid-Point Apartments” located at 560 West Main Street, Hyannis.

Letter of Intent - YMCA Cape Cod 00:08:45

• A Letter of Intent has been received from YMCA Cape Cod requesting $50,000 in Community Preservation Open Space/Recreation funds for creation of a playground, play areas, walkways, benches and plantings associated with a new YMCA Early Education Center proposed to be located on North Street in the Hyannis Village Marketplace, Hyannis. Letter of Intent has been forwarded to the Legal Department for determination of eligibility and is tentatively scheduled for the January 27, 2020 CPC meeting.

Letter of Intent - Tales of Cape Cod 00:09:25

• A Letter of Intent has been received from Tales of Cape Cod, Inc. requesting $273,000 in Community Preservation Historic Preservation funds for installation of reinforced footings; repointing interior and exterior fieldstone foundation walls; augmenting 1st floor framing; and installation of drains around the sidewalls for the Olde Colonial Courthouse, 3046 Main Street, Barnstable Village. $30,000 will be contributed by Tales of Cape Cod and a total of $70,000 in preservation grants have been applied for, and if granted, will reduce the Community Preservation fund amount.

Letter of Intent - Mr. Mark S. Wirtanen 00:43:38

• A Letter of Intent has been received from Mr. Mark S. Wirtanen, owner of a 15.96 acre property located at 28 Falcon Road, West Barnstable, seeking $375,000 in Community Preservation Open Space funds for acquisition and preservation of the parcel as open space.

Correspondence Received 00:53:23

• All Community Preservation Fund Appropriations – History from the beginning, ending with June 30, 2019, prepared by Mark Milne, Director of Finance. • Letter of appreciation from Ms. Pamela Brown, Project Coordinator, The Federated Church of Hyannis. • Existing Historic Structure Conditions Assessment Report, Olde Colonial Courthouse, dated October 11, 2019 prepared by Coastal Engineering Company, Inc. Orleans, MA

Project Updates 00:54:50

• Unitarian Church of Barnstable Application was approved at the November 21, 2019 Town Council meeting. • Barnstable Historical Society is scheduled to return to CPC on January 27, 2019. • Cape Cod Horticultural Society will return in Spring 2020 with a Letter of Intent. • Affordable Housing Growth & Development Trust and West Barnstable Community Building Applications have been referred to the Town Manager for consideration for inclusion on a Town Council agenda. • Cape Playhouse, Dennis received approval for Dennis Community Preservation/ Historic funds and will be submitting an Application to Barnstable CPC for the February 25, 2019 meeting. • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church- Historic Restriction is with the State for approval. • Zion Historic Museum - budget items will be revised to reflect CIP funding.

Member Discussion 00:57:39

• 2020 CPC Schedule - vote • Historic project review process. • 2020 CPA Draft Plan Updates. • Handbook Updates. • Annual meeting to be scheduled before the January 27, 2020 CPC meeting.

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