Board of Health 11-26-2019

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I. Amendment to Section 371-11H of the Town of Bar 00:02:46

III. State Plumbing Variance Requested 00:03:51

IV. Variances – Septic (Cont.): 00:09:34

V. Variance – Septic: 00:14:10

B. Michael and Sacha Negron 00:14:22

A. Dan Ojala 00:18:36

C. John McNabola 00:21:55

D. Dan Ojala 00:43:49

VI. Determination: Septic Inspection 00:50:31

VIII. Temporary Food Permit Applications: 00:50:44

A. John Cotellessa and Tamara Scharoff 00:50:48

1. “Gingerbread Lane at Harbor Overlook 00:51:20

2. “Main Street Hyannis Holiday Stroll” 00:51:24

B. Amanda Converse and Jen Villa 00:52:45

IX. Body Artist: 00:56:00

XI. Sewer Connection: Deadline Extension 00:58:31

A. Elaine Basias 00:58:33

B. Oswald Jordan 00:59:31

X. Proposed revision to Town Code, Section 376-3– 01:00:44

XII. Hearing: Washing Vehicles 01:02:11

A. Damion Murray, 01:02:20

B. Letter from Nancy Meagher 01:02:41

XIII. Correspondence: 01:03:39

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