Community Preservation Commission 09-16-2019

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Application Item 1 00:02:30

• An Application has been received from the Affordable Housing Growth & Development Trust seeking Community Preservation Community Housing and Undesignated funds in the amount of $2.5 Million for Trust projects to acquire, create, preserve, or support Community Housing.

Discussion Item 1 00:25:42

• Ms. Arden Cadrin, Town of Barnstable Housing Coordinator, will provide an overview of the Housing Production Plan Implementation.

Application Item 2 00:35:10

• A revised Application has been received from Orenda Wildlife Land Trust seeking $425,000 in Community Preservation Open Space/Recreation funds for the purchase of three wooded lots addressed 150 and 180 Great Marsh Road; and, 55 Hayes Road, Centerville. The total purchase price for the project is $500,000 with $75,000 matching funds to be provided by Orenda, neighbors, and local grants.

Discussion Item 2 01:05:00

• Mr. Mark Marinaccio, AIA, Project Manager- DPW, has submitted a request for additional funding in the amount of $169,266 for the West Barnstable Community Building Window Replacement project. Previously approved funding for this project in the amount of $158,730 is available.

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Project Updates 01:25:57

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