Conservation Commission 07-09-2019

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Charles S. Gaziano 00:01:00

Charles S. Gaziano. Establish and maintain a view shed by topping woody material at 86 Clamshell Point Lane, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 6 Parcel 2. DA-19028 $22.05

Short Beach Realty 00:01:00

Short Beach Realty, LLC. Proposed shell driveway along south side of Short Beach Road, Centerville and proposed removal of invasives along northerly side and existing driveway as show on Assessor’s Map 206 Parcels 79 and 86. DA19027 DA-19027 $29.40

NOI 00:20:47

Vic Myer 00:20:48

Vic Myer. Construct and maintain a boardwalk, pier, ramp and float at 24 Bay Road, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 020 Parcel 118. SE3-5697 $22.05

Cecilia Vieira Stone 00:33:47

Cecilia Vieira Stone. Proposed raze and replace single family home and vegetation restoration on beach parcel at 75 & 85 Harbor Bluffs Road, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 325 Parcels 124 and 123. SE3- $29.40


Carlton C. & Christine A. Sands, Jr. 00:34:10

Carlton C. & Christine A. Sands, Jr. Construct dock system to include a 100-foot-long pier to a ramp at 16' leading onto a 6' x 16' floating dock; ramp and float will be seasonal, at 4 Bay Shore Rd., Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 326 Parcel 082. SE3-5676 $26.60 Request for continuance to 8/6/19

Barbara & Randolph Noelle 00:37:51

Barbara & Randolph Noelle. Construct, license, maintain and retain a 4' wide x 104' long (pier) with 10' x 20' “T” end pier; boat and water access ladder and kayak rack; remove or cut flush existing piles; abandon existing path over wetlands to the water and allow to naturally revegetate at 35 Short Beach Rd., Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 206 Parcel 030. SE3-5677

Philip & Veronica Cote 00:53:59

Philip & Veronica Cote. To construct and maintain a seasonal pier at 94 Waters Edge, Marstons Mills as shown on Assessor’s Map 062 Parcel 045. SE3-5693


MINUTES - June 25, 2019 00:55:52

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