Conservation Commission 04-09-2019

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Moore SE3-4254 00:00:50

Moore SE3-4254 (coc ?) mow phragmites; plant native shrubs * 220 Bay Street, Osterville North Bay


Gould/Marsh House Nom. Tr. SE3-5050 00:23:51

Gould/Marsh House Nom. Tr. SE3-5050 sfd; addition generator; AC units, etc. 82 Hummock Ln., Cotuit (Continued from 3/12)

Packard SE3-5523 00:28:41

Packard SE3-5523 demo portion of sfd re-locate patio and location 204 Long Beach Rd., Centerville

Mitchell SE3-5603 00:31:32

Mitchell SE3-5603 bulkhead vinyl wall design 345 Baxters Neck Rd., M. Mills


Henderson SE3-5388 00:33:22

Henderson SE3-5388 pier 1st Request; 3 years

Rooney SE3-5383 00:34:40

Rooney SE3-5383 construct deck & porch, sfd 1st Request; 3 years

Lowell SE3-5017 00:35:40

Lowell SE3-5017 stairs down coastal bank 1st Request; 3 years


Ward & Waller SE3-5622 00:36:21

Ward & Waller SE3-5622 – Phase II Revised Planting Plan for 50-foot buffer at 125 Blantyre Ave., Centerville

Long Beach Conservation Area 00:44:05

Long Beach Conservation Area – Discussion on preparing a land management plan and signage

Grant of easements 01:08:03

Grant of easements – Article 97 endorsement for Eversource – West Barnstable Conservation Area


Allen F. and Sylvia M. Pierce AND Carl Plummer 01:33:05

Allen F. and Sylvia M. Pierce AND Carl Plummer – 105 River Rd., Marstons Mills - Map 078 Parcel 118 Alteration of wetland buffer and riverfront by cutting trees and other vegetation

James G. Haidas, Caillouet & Ron and Sheila Perry 01:44:20

James G. Haidas, Caillouet Nominee Trust AND Ron and Sheila Perry – 52 Caillouet Ln., Osterville – Map 164 Parcel 012 Alteration of wetland buffer by mowing and maintaining a path inconsistent with plan of record and alteration of resource area – salt marsh – by maintaining a portion of unpermitted boardwalk.

Ninety Bay View LLC – 90 Bay View Rd., Barnstable 01:50:18

Ninety Bay View LLC – 90 Bay View Rd., Barnstable – Map 319 Parcel 031 Alteration of buffer and resource area – isolated wetland – by allowing erosion and drainage issues on property to run into isolated wetland and site conditions not consistent with approved revised plan.


In consultation with 1st Assistant Town Attorney T. David Houghton, the Chair is taking the following actions: Release the previously approved executive session minutes of January 23, 2018, June 5, 2018, September 4, 2018, December 11, 2018 and January 22, 2019, and approve and release the executive session minutes of March 5, 2019, all that relate to Kenneth & Melissa Fish Crane v Barnstable Conservation Commission Barnstable Superior Court Docket No. 1772CV00609


Town of Barnstable/DPW 01:58:25

Town of Barnstable/DPW. Asphalt repairs to existing boat ramp; repair existing sidewalls which have eroded and decayed from storm run-off at 210 Scudders Lane, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 259 Parcel 009. DA-19009 $21.00

Hyannis Building & Developing Assoc. 02:08:26

Hyannis Building & Developing Assoc. Install 3-car charging stations at 1 South St., Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 326 Parcel 119. DA-19013 $15.75

Frank Raspante 02:10:15

Frank Raspante. To seek a determination from the Conservation Commission if said property is considered “Land in Agricultural Use.” If determined yes, to determine whether the requested activities: roadway maintenance, dike and canal maintenance, water hold and release, mowing and brush clearing, irrigation repair and improvement, and continued harvesting, are considered exempt” at 0, 109, and 131 Brittany Dr., Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 026 Parcels 004, 005, 017. DA-19016 $42.00


Philip Scudder/Hyannis Harbor Tours, Inc. 02:44:41

Philip Scudder/Hyannis Harbor Tours, Inc. Reface entire length of existing steel bulkhead with steel sheeting and reinstall/replace associated utilities at 120, 134 & 138 Ocean St., Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 326 Parcels 065, 066, 067. SE3-____ $21.00

Barbara & Randolph Noelle 02:45:00

Barbara & Randolph Noelle. Construct, license, maintain and retain a 4' wide x 104' long (pier) with 10' x 20' “T” end pier; boat and water access ladder and kayak rack; remove or cut flush existing piles; abandon existing path over wetlands to the water and allow to naturally revegetate at 35 Short Beach Rd., Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 206 Parcel 030. SE3-____ $31.50

Christopher McNary 03:14:06

Christopher McNary. Construct and maintain a seasonal 4' wide x 18' long walkway; 4' wide x 38' long timber access stairs/landing with 4" x 6" support posts; 4' x 40' long seasonal pier with pipe posts and 3' x 16' long elevated gangway/ramp at 755 Route 149, Marstons Mills as shown on Assessor’s Map 101 Parcel 004-001. SE3-____ $27.56

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