Board of Health 02-26-2019

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I. Show Cause Hearing – Motel: Knights Inn 00:00:14

II. Show Cause Hearing – Stable Kathy Woodbury 00:48:11

III. Variances – Septic: 00:48:40

A. Peter McEntee, Engineering Works, 00:48:41

B. Dan Ojala, Down Cape Engineering, 00:51:59

C. Peter McEntee, Engineering Works 01:07:57

IV. Innovative / Alternative System: 01:25:03

A. Sean Riley, Coastal Engineering 01:30:00

B. Tristram Weller, Weller Associates, 01:34:56

V. Hearing – Underground Storage Tank 01:42:06

VI. Variance – Food: 01:54:04

A. Luis Montero, owner of Barnstable Diner Inc 01:54:06

B. Brian Yergatian, BSC Group and Mario Mariani, 02:09:35

VII. Body Artist – Variance 02:22:39

A. Emma Zavaski, new artist for Pincushion 02:22:40

B. Jase Parker, new artist for Spilt Milk Tattoo 02:24:22

VIII. Presentation: Laura Kelley, President of Pro 02:25:47

A. Status of cleanup of yard – Karen Zappula, 32 S 02:42:03

A. Future committee/workshop on estuary regulation 02:42:40

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