Planning Board 02-25-2019

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Call to Order 00:00:45

Notice of Recording 00:01:47

Approval Not Required Plans 00:02:44

Lawrence Hollings, 1254 Santuit Newtown Road, Cotuit, has submitted a plan entitled “Approval Not Required Plan” drawn and stamped by Joel R. Kubick, P.L.S., of Holmes and McGrath, Inc., dated February 14, 2019

Zoning Amendments 00:03:00

Town Council Item No. 2019-092 – Amending the Zoning Map of the Town of Barnstable Massachusetts to Amend and Expand the Residence C District to Include the Entirety of 306 West Bay Road, Osterville, Identified on Assessor’s Map 116 as parcel 014

Regulatory Agreement No. 2019-01 00:10:15

T-Mobile Northeast, LLC and South Congregational Church, Incorporated seek to enter into a Regulatory Agreement with the Town of Barnstable to install a Personal Wireless Service Facility within the South Congregational Church on the property at 565 Main Street, Centerville. The Personal Wireless Service Facility consists of six (6) wireless communications antenna within the Church steeple, together with appurtenant equipment within the steeple and in the basement of the Church. All of the antennas are installed out of view behind the belfry louvers and walls of the steeple. The property is developed with a 2,200 sq. ft. church building, a 4,613 sq. ft. church annex, a 1307 sq. ft. house and 1,110 sq. f.t shed. The property is zoned CVD – Centerville Village District and DCPC – District of Critical Planning Concern, shown on Assessor’s Map 207 as Parcel 053. The total land area of the lot is approximately 1.38 acres.

Special Permit No. 2019-01 02:22:15

– 0 Engine House Rd., Hyannis, Map 328 Parcel 241 - R.F. & R.M., LLP seeks a modification to Special Permit No. 2016-03, which permitted a pay-to-park parking lot in the Well Protection Overlay District under Section 240-24.1.9.B.(1) of the Zoning Ordinance. Petition No. 2019-01 has been submitted to reconfigure the approved parking lot in connection with a plan to expand the parking lot onto a neighboring lot at 9 Engine House Road

Special Permit No. 2019-02 02:22:15

– 9 Engine House Rd., Hyannis, Map 328 Parcel 204 - Hyannis Harbor Tours, Inc. seeks a Special under Section 240-24.1.9.B.(1) for a pay-to-park parking lot with 117 spaces within the WP Overlay District which includes placement of curb stops, fencing and signage. The Petition No. 2019-02 seeks to expand an existing parking lot at 0 Engine House Road, originally permitted through Special Permit 2016- 03 and proposed for modification through a separate application

Regulatory Agreement No. 2019-02 03:15:34

268 Stevens Street, Hyannis, Massachusetts, Map 308 Parcel 017 - Laham Management & Leasing, Inc. seeks to enter into a Regulatory Agreement with the Town of Barnstable to develop the former site of an automobile dealership into a carwash with two residential apartments for employees and office space on the second floor. The Regulatory Agreement seeks waivers from the Zoning Ordinance, specifically Section 240-24.1.6 OM Office/Multi-family to allow for a “carwash” use in the OM Zoning District. A carwash is not a permitted use in the OM Zoning District

Correspondence 03:35:10

Chapter 91 and 401 Notice re Vineyard Wind LLC – February 20, 2019 Chapter 91 Notice – 150 East Bay Rd., Ost. – February 22, 2019

Matters Not Reasonably Anticipated by the Chair 03:35:20

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