Board of Health 01-22-2019

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Public Comment 00:00:48

Hearing - Regulation 00:01:05

Proposed Amendments to Town of Barnstable Code, Section 360-45 Interim Saltwater Estuary Protection Regulation - to modify the existing interim regulation to limit its applicability to the Craigville Beach Zoning District

Hearing - Dumpster 01:30:15

Bob Murphy, Portside Tavern, 72 North Street, Hyannis, dumpster location, failure to locate dumpster on subject property

Show Cause Hearing - Stable 01:41:11

Kathy Woodbury, stable location – 365 Sampsons Mill Road, Cotuit, Map/Parcel 038-003, failure to remove accumulated manure from property

Clarification of Bedroom Count 01:43:32

Attorney John Kenney representing Damon and Natalie Fieldgate, owners – 67 Lakeside Drive East, Centerville, Map/Parcel 252-096, continued from November 27, 2018 with owners’ feedback.

Old/New Business 02:11:02

Barnstable Restaurant and Tavern 02:11:03

Susan Finegold and Bob Calderone, Barnstable Restaurant and Tavern, 3176 Main Street, Barnstable, compliance with Board of Health conditional variance

Karen Zappula, 32 Skunknet, Centerville 02:17:00

Status of cleanup of yard – Karen Zappula, 32 Skunknet, Centerville

Minutes - October 23, November 27, and December 18 02:18:47

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