Historical Commission 01-15-2019

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Lluberes, Kathleen, 25 Wachusett Avenue 00:01:20

Hyannis Port, Map 287, Parcel 058, Makepeace House, built c.1888, Contributing Building in the Hyannis Port Historic District Remove chimney and replace with siding and trim to match existing structure; change window to door

Kennedy, Kerry, 101 Edgehill Road 00:09:57

Hyannis Port, Map 287, Parcel 029 Remove existing front and rear, second story dormers and reconstruct new front and rear, second story dormers

Cotuit Center for the Arts, Inc 00:30:16

4418 Falmouth Road, Cotuit, Map 024, Parcel 021 Partial demolition of the existing structure to make room for an addition to the rear elevation

Dow, Judith, 294 Phinney’s Lane 00:51:09

Centerville, Map 230, Parcel 133 Additions to the west, east, and south elevations increasing square footage from 837 sqft to approximately 1,457 sqft

Swan, Thomas J., 215 Sea View Avenue 01:05:05

Osterville, Map 138, Parcel 017, Prescott House, built in 1883, Contributing Building in the Wianno Historic District Partial demolition of sidewall shingles and door on the northwesterly corner of dwelling; construct a one-story addition to the northwesterly corner of the dwelling

MHC & CPC 2019 Survey and Planning Grant applicati 01:21:50

Community Preservation Committee Update 01:34:00

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