Conservation Commission 12-18-2018

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Wendy S. Jones 00:00:31

Wendy S. Jones. Bump-out right rear of house to enlarge master bath & add powder room and enlarge 2nd-floor bedroom (total area 7' x 22'); cut down oak tree next to where addition will be at 226 Washington Ave., Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 139 Parcel 081. DA-18055 $33.25


Paul Capasso 00:04:41

Paul Capasso. Add two new pilings and replace three existing pilings associated with existing pier, ramp, and float system at 116 Bay Shore Rd., Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 325 Parcel 079. SE3-____ $19.95

Peter & Kathleen Shea 00:17:16

Peter & Kathleen Shea. Construct pier, ramp & float; propose natural path for pier access; remove existing pier and piles at 483 Elliott Rd., Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 227 Parcel 116. SE3-____ $19.95

Stephen T. B. Miller, Tr., Breezy Fluff Trust 00:17:40

Stephen T. B. Miller, Tr., Breezy Fluff Trust. Construct 11' walkway connector from bank stairs to pier; remove two dead invasive trees from buffer zone (#135); proposed land management plan at #135 & #145 to include removal of invasives, revegetation and maintenance of vista corridors at 135 & 145 Bridge St., Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 093 Parcel 034 & 035. SE3-____ $39.95


Marie M. Souza 00:32:21

Marie M. Souza. Raise house for FEMA compliance; new sewage disposal system and associated site improvements at 168 Long Beach Rd., Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 205 Parcel 008. SE3-5616

John T. Hailer 00:41:25

John T. Hailer. To permit and maintain existing paddle board locker, boat shed and rinse station at 743 Old Post Rd., Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 054 Parcel 011-004. SE3-__

John Wilson 00:42:15

John Wilson. Expansion of previously-permitted patios and walkways; construction of fire pit; placement of non-permanent seasonal decorative light houses lining path to coastal beach, and hot tub at 151 Irving Ave., Hyannisport as shown on Assessor’s Map 287 Parcel 068. SE3-5628


Hirsch 01:04:41

Hirsch SE3-5353 (coc, ez) raze & construct single family dwelling * 251 Nyes Neck Road , Centerville - Wequaquet Lake

MINUTES - 11/27/2018, 12/4/2018 01:05:02

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