Board of Health 12-18-2018

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I. Public Comment: 00:00:46

II. Proposed amendment to Section 322.4 of the Tow 00:01:00

III. Hearing – Underground Storage Tank 00:06:41

Linda Whitcomb, Charles, Marie, Cara, Donna, owner(s) – 88 Greenwood Avenue, Hyannis, have not complied with Board of Health orders to remove underground storage tank over 30 years old.

IV. Variance – Septic (Cont.) 00:17:54

John Schnaible, Coastal Engineering, representing Marie Souza, owner – 168 Long Beach Road, Centerville, Map/Parcel 205-008, 0.07 acre parcel, proposing a split system using a blackwater tight tank for the kitchen and toilet wastes, and a graywater leaching system.

V. Determination Requested. 00:34:46

Jane Everett, owner – 209 Bay Street, Osterville, cesspool is within 50 feet to wetland, septic inspection needs further evaluation, requesting determination from the Board of whether the system passes.

VI. Food – Grease Trap: A. Attorney Mark Boudreau 00:45:00

B. Susan Finegold and Bob Calderone, owners of Bar 00:55:48

VII. Septic Installer (New): Murray (Skip) Phelps, 01:27:20

VIII. Regulation: 01:29:00

Amendment to Chapter 318 of the Town of Barnstable Code, Fee Schedule, addition of $25 for each inspection for MRVP (MA Rental Voucher Program).

IX. Policies: 01:35:48

Proposed Policy: Bedroom Count exceedance discovered during septic system inspections conducted under 310 CMR 15.301, State Environmental Code, Title 5.

New XI. Old / New Business: A. Status of cl 01:44:13

B. Discuss nitrogen load on wastewater systems fro 01:51:50

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