Land Acquisition and Preservation Committee 12-10-2018

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Call to Order/Introduction of LAPC Members 00:00:05

Notice of Recording 00:00:48

Approval of Minutes 00:01:09

Minutes from LAPC meeting of November 5, 2018

Introduction of Allison Bargabos, AmeriCorps 00:02:12

Introduction of Alissa Young, 00:19:53

Regional Collaboration Coordinator TerraCorps Service Member, Massachusetts Coastal Barren Partnership

Update on Open Space & Recreation Plan 00:59:23

Discussion of proposed CR approval process

Update on Pending Conservation Restrictions 01:17:52

Prince Avenue/Harju/Amaral/Jones/Maddalena

Update on Santuit Management Plan 01:19:49

Report from Tom Lee, CPC 01:20:24

Change in Status-Breeds Hill/Shooting Range 01:32:26

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