Zoning Board of Appeals 05-08-2024

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Call to Order 00:00:35

Introduction of Board Members

Notice of Recording 00:00:56

This meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals is being recorded and broadcast on the Town of Barnstable’s Government Access Channel. In accordance with MGL Chapter 30A §20, I must inquire whether anyone is recording this meeting and if so, to please make their presence known.

Minutes - March 13, 2024 00:01:36

Old Business 00:01:52

Appeal No. 2023-039 - Baird 00:01:54

Daniel and Karen Baird have filed an Appeal of an Administrative Official’s Decision in accordance with 240-125 B. (1)(A) and M.G.L. Chapter 40A Section 8. The Petitioners seek to overturn the Notice of Violation and Order to Cease, Desist, and Abate from the Building Commissioner, dated September 11, 2023. Summary of violations determined by the Building Commissioner include Barnstable Zoning Ordinance Chapter 240 Section 14 A.(1) RF Residential District and Chapter 240 Section 10C Prohibited Uses. Specifically, the use of a trailer/camper as a substitute dwelling unit or for temporary sleeping purposes on a property without a permitted principal dwelling. The subject property is located at 27 Falcon Road, West Barnstable, MA as on Assessor’s Map 196 as Parcel 032. It is located in the Residence F (RF) Zoning District. Continued from December 6, 2023, January 24, 2024, February 28, 2024.

New Business 00:04:13

Appeal No. 2024-013 - Cape Cod Hospital 00:04:14

Cape Cod Hospital has petitioned for a Variance pursuant to Section 240-64 Signs in Downtown Hospital District. The Petitioner proposes 3 identification/wayfinding signs on the new 4-story Barbey Pavilion under construction at the Cape Cod Hospital. The proposed signs exceed the maximum sign quantity, sign area, height above ground, and are proposed to be illuminated with an LED sign light strip. The subject property is located at 27 Park Street, Hyannis, MA as shown on Assessor’s Map 342 as Parcels 001 and 039. It is located in the Downtown Hospital (DH) Zoning District.

Appeal No. 2024-014 - Sarver 00:29:02

Michael and Maria Sarver have applied for a Special Permit pursuant to Section 240-91 H. (3) Developed Lot Protection. The Applicants propose to demolish the existing single-family dwelling and construct a new single-family dwelling in its place together with related site and landscaping improvements. The subject property is located at 120 Harbor Bluffs Road, Hyannis, MA as shown on Assessor’s Map 325 as Parcel 102. It is located in the Residence B (RB) Zoning District.

Appeal No. 2024-015 - Singh 00:43:56

Swapna Singh has applied for a Special Permit pursuant to Section 240-47.2 C. (4) Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s). The Applicant proposes to use the existing 1,300 sq. ft. accessory structure, attached by a roof to the principal dwelling and formerly an exercise room, as an ADU, which exceeds the allowable size by 400 sq. ft. There is no new development proposed. The subject property is located at 144 Meadow Lane, West Barnstable, MA as shown on Assessor’s Map 133 as Parcel 026. It is located in the Residence F (RF) Zoning District.

Correspondence 00:55:24

Notification Transmittal of application for a Definitive Subdivision at 307 Main Street, Hyannis, Subdivision No. 828, being heard by the Planning Board on May 13

Matters Not Reasonably Anticipated by the Chair 00:55:37

Upcoming Hearings - May 22, 2024, June 12, 2024, June 26, 2024 00:55:41

Adjournment 00:56:15

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