Town Council 04-04-2024

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1. ROLL CALL 00:00:45



Governor’s Youth Advisory Council Presentation - State Representative Kip Diggs; Youth Commission members: Piper Hunt and Laik O’Reilly 00:05:10

4. PUBLIC COMMENT 00:17:55


6. TOWN MANAGER COMMUNICATIONS (Pre-Recorded) 01:52:48


8. COMMUNICATIONS - from elected officials, boards, committees, and staff, commission reports, correspondence and announcements 02:08:50

• Fiscal Year 2025 Capital Improvement Plan Presentation - Mark Milne and Comprehensive Financial Advisory Committee 02:27:58

Update on Downtown Hyannis Great Streets: Conversion to Two-Way Travel - Elizabeth Jenkins, Director, Planning and Developmen 03:14:17

Motion for reconsideration of the following vote of the Town Council on March 21, 2024: To suspend the provisions of Town Council Rule 11A as it relates to the appointment of registered voters by the Town Council President to the ad hoc committees set forth in Item No. 2024-166, in order that such appointments shall be made by vote of the Town Council after recommendation from the Appointments Committee by May 1, 2024. 03:26:38

2024-171 Order authorizing an Intermunicipal Agreement among the Towns of Barnstable, Yarmouth, and Sandwich for the purposes of establishing a regional emergency communications center hosted by and located within the Town of Barnstable (May be acted upon) (Majority Vote) 03:35:50

2024-172 Amending the Code of the Town of Barnstable, Part I General Ordinances, Chapter 1 General Provisions, Article I Non-Criminal Enforcement of violations, and inserting a new Chapter 185 known as “Stormwater Management and Illicit Discharge Control” (May be acted upon) (Roll Call Majority Vote) 03:48:56

CONSENT AGENDA: Proposed Vote: To refer Items 2024-100 through 2024-159, as written, to individual public hearings to be held on each item at the Town Council meeting on April 25, 2024. 04:31:00

Proposed Vote: To refer Items 2024-177 through 2024-181, as written, to individual public hearings to be held on each item at the Town Council meeting on April 25, 2024. 04:32:02

2024-174 Appointment to a Board/Committee/Commission: Council on Aging: Charles Coyle, as a regular member, to a term expiring 06/30/2025; Maureen Hughes, as an alternate member, to a term expiring 06/30/2026; Historical Commission: Robert Frazee from an alternate member to a full member to a term expiring 06/30/2026; Licensing Authority: Larry Decker from an alternate member to a full member position to a term expiring 06/30/2026; Sandy Neck Board: Richards French, as a regular member to a term expiring 06/30/2024; Youth Commission: Nate Ludtke, as a student member to a term expiring 06/30/2025 (First reading) (Refer to second reading 04/25/2024). 04:33:37

2024-175 Authorization to expend a Federal Fiscal Year 2023 Emergency Management Performance Grant in the amount of $20,150 from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (May be acted upon) (Majority Vote).. 04:35:32

2024-176 Transfer order in the amount of $57,845 to fund technical services, monitoring, and cleanup activities that resulted from the improper disposal of oil on LaFrance Avenue, Hyannis (May be acted upon) (Majority Vote). 04:37:15

2024-182 Resolve Appointing Michael White to the Regional District School Committee for the Cape Cod Regional Technical High School District (May be acted upon) (Majority Vote) 04:41:05

EXECUTIVE SESSION The Town Council will enter executive session pursuant to G.L. c. 30A, sec. 21(a)(3) to discuss strategy with respect to litigation since a discussion in open session may have a detrimental effect on the litigating position of the Town and Town Council. Specifically, the Council will discuss litigation strategy with respect to Park City Wind LLC’s proposed offshore renewable wind project in the Town 04:43:50

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