Open Space Committee 01-08-2024

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Call to Order and Introduction of Board Members 00:00:25

Ann Canedy – Chair, Farley Lewis – Vice Chair, Elizabeth Lewis, Douglas Payson, Elissa Crowley, Anne Rowland, Tracy Pratt, Cate Gulliver, Lev Malakhoff

Notice of Recording 00:01:02

Approval of Minutes 00:01:26

New Business 00:01:42

Geocaching - Lev Malakhoff 00:01:43

Old Business 00:22:25

Update on Outstanding Conservation Restrictions 00:22:26

Update - Pathways Update Including NEMBA Path Project 00:24:42

Report from Tracy Pratt Regarding Santuit Preserve 00:42:33

Report from Farley Lewis Regarding Community Preservation Committee Open Space Applications 00:44:37

Report from Town Council Liaison Kris Clark 00:45:12

Matters Not Reasonably Anticipated By the Chair 00:56:12

Adjournment 00:56:40

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