Airport Commission 10-17-2023

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1. Call to Order 00:00:02

2. Roll Call 00:00:12

3. Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:38

4. Minutes of the Previous Meetings 00:01:03

September 19, 2023

5. Public Comment 00:01:43

6. Commissioners Response to Public Comment 00:01:50

10. Report of Special Committees - Noise Report (July, October, January, April) 00:01:53

7. Report from Sub-Committees 00:05:18

- Finance (Commissioners Weil, Flores, Bailey) - Infrastructure & Marketing (Commissioners Bierworth, DiGeorge, Guiod)

8. Old Business 00:10:09

COM0923-9 Review 00:10:19

Discussion and Approval of Amendment #1 to the contract dated June 20, 2023, by and between Cape Cod Gateway Airport and Pierce Cote for ON-CALL COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH SERVICES

9. New Business 00:39:27

COM1023-1 00:39:28

Approval of the License Agreement by and Between Cape Cod Gateway Airport and Nextgrid Rapanea LLC, and Griffin Realty Trust for the purposes of developing rooftop solar on the Griffin Hangar in alignment with Cape Cod Gateway Airport’s Guidelines for Construction.

COM1023-2 00:44:08

Approval of the Lease Subordination, Non-Disturbance, Recognition, and Attornment Agreement by and through the Cape Cod Gateway Airport Commission and TPS Group Holdings., Sub-lessor of WS Development.

10. Report of Special Committees - Yarmouth Representative Comments 00:46:28

Updates 00:49:20

o Monthly Financial Review (Finance) o Monthly Business Plan Review (Infrastructure) o Future workshop to update the Strategic Plan (Business Plan) to be discussed with the Commission at the October 2023 meeting o Electric Aviation Update o Airport Management has continued conversations with tenants. o A draft lease has been completed for BETA of VT to install a facility on the East Ramp o Conversations have started with Southern Airways Express and SurfAir Mobility (see attached) regarding HYA as a local for hybrid aircraft operations o Trensend Air has not returned multiple calls and emails; however, through MassDOT (Mass Autonomy) Airport Management has gained a new contact o MassDOT Procurement for SmartGrid program underway ? Grant award – to establish a smart microgrid (solar, wind, geothermal) to provide sustainable energy supply to the airport and CCRTA - We are also looking to supply excess power to the airport (for buildings, charging stations, etc.) ? Award and payments will go through MassDOT ? We are looking at 30% design stage for this planning effort ? Schedule: • 7/14/2023 = bid on the street • 7/26/2023 = pre-bid meetings (airport cannot be an evaluator) • 8/16/2023 = bids due • 8/30/2023 = bid award • 10/1/2023 = contract • 3/1/2025 = planning project completed • TDB = implementation grant o NEW = ? Airport Manager Servis was a panel member for the New England Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and Advance Air Mobility (AAM) Summit 2023 on Wednesday October 4, 2023 • Airport Manager Servis covered concerns with Airport infrastructure being ready for electric aviation and the needed focus in order to be prepared for AAM. Concerns with air and ground movement of these aircraft at airports, landing/take-off areas, passenger management, cargo management…etc. • During preparation of this summit, Manager Servis and leadership at MassAutonomy have been discussing opportunities of using HYA as a proof-of-concept site for electric aviation • They are reviewing hangar locations and office space at HYA to accommodate their needs with the hopes of flying a Pipistrel aircraft to/from the airport in the near future o WS Development Update o Access Road Impacts Update ? Connecting access to the Airport o Floor & Décor o Whole Foods o Paper Store o Projects Update/Status o Replacement of T-hangar CARES1 & Airport Operations Renovation (see above) ? Project update by Matt Elia/Chris Bostwick o Mary Dunn Way Extension ? Project update by Matt Elia/Chris Bostwick o Runway 6/24 Reconstruction Project ? Project update by Matt Elia/Chris Bostwick o EMAS Replacement Project ? Project update by Matt Elia/Chris Bostwick o Airport Environmental Assessment Status ( o General Update o Next meeting = November (October 18, 2023 has been cancelled at the request of FAA as they need more time to review documentation) o PFOS/Public Involvement Plan & Update o PFAS Next Community Meeting – post October meetings with DEP and Phase V Report ? Phase V Report = underway (October 2023 submittal) o Upcoming Events: o October 2023 - Hangars and Hamburgers – MA Air and Space Museum event in coordination with the Airport o March 2024 – A Night in the Terminal – planning underway. o April 2024 – Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation’s Event (Big Blue Conference) ? Just by way of background, the foundation was launched in 2015 by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. ? The Blue Economy Project is a regional initiative to promote and sustain a maritime-focused economy on Cape Cod, the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and southern Plymouth County. ? This effort builds on existing tourism industries, a world class marine research and technology cluster, and sustainable use planning dedicated to preserving the Cape’s environment and quality of life. Initial project support funding was provided by a grant from the Baker-Polito administration’s Seaport Economic Council. ? For 2024, they would like to focus on electrification, which sits well in the airport’s wheelhouse with our 20-acre array and many tenants who have or are seeking rooftop solar on their facilities. As well as installation of recharging stations for both vehicles and electric aviation. o June 2024 – Festivities on the Flight Line

Adjournment 01:22:05

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