Conservation Commission 09-05-2023

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I. Notices of Intent 00:04:16

A. John and Martha Durcan - SE3-6120 00:04:18

John and Martha Durcan. Proposed reconstruction of existing decks and construction of a sunroom addition to the existing single-family residence at 99 Seventh Avenue, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 245 Parcel 057. SE3-6120

B. Harry C. Hagerty, III, Trustee. - SE3-1621 00:09:18

Harry C. Hagerty, III, Trustee. To renovate or reconstruct existing garage and kitchen wing, construct a new detached garage and reconfigure driveway, reconfigure existing patio with a proposed dipping pool, replace in-ground bank steps with elevated stairway, and proposed bank restoration at 291 Bay Lane Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 166 Parcel 059. SE3-6121

C. John T. & Elizabeth M. Ganey 00:16:44

John T. & Elizabeth M. Ganey. To demolish existing accessory cottage and construct a new cottage at 251 Bay Lane, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 166 Parcel 057.

D. Robert Ian & Katherine K. O’Keeffe - SE3-6122 00:26:40

Robert Ian & Katherine K. O’Keeffe. To remove existing tennis court and construct a pool and patio, pool cabana and sports court at 299 Sea View Avenue, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 138 Parcel 021. SE3-6122

E. Izabel Evangelista - SE3-6119 00:37:02

Izabel Evangelista. After the fact filing for installation of brick walkways and patio within 50 foot buffer to a bordering vegetated wetland at 4 Saint Francis Circle, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 291 Parcel 225. SE3-6119

F. Quarterra Multifamily Communities 00:49:27

Quarterra Multifamily Communities. Proposed construction of multifamily apartment buildings along with a community pool, clubhouse, associated driveway access, parking areas, and storm-water management systems at 35 Scudder Avenue, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 289 Parcel 110.

II. Continuances 02:20:56

A. Park City Wind, LLC. 02:20:58

Proposed installation of two 275-kV submarine electric transmission cables in Nantucket Sound, and onshore duct bank system at Craigville Beach and 2 Short Beach Road, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 206, Parcel 013 and Assessor’s Map 206 Parcel 044. SE3-5992 - Continued from August 8, 2023. Form WC received.

III. Certificates of Compliance 04:27:28

A. Town of Barnstable SE3-6080 (COC, ez) To Permit and Maintain a Mountain Bike Boardwalk at the Trayser Museum Trail 0 Maraspin Road, Barnstable BVW B. Lawrence Feinberg SE3-6041 (COC, ez) To reconstruct wood retaining wall 100 Harbor Road, Hyannis Coastal Dune / Coastal Bank C. Pericles Ambulos SE3-5920 (COC, ez*) Addition, deck expansion, and mitigation plantings 1058 Craigville Beach Road, Centerville Salt Marsh D. Philip & Mary Nelson SE3-6098 (COC, ez*) To permit construction of boardwalk 90 Harbor Point Road, Cummaquid - Salt Marsh

IV. Minutes 04:28:11

August 8, 2023 and August 22, 2023

Adjournment 04:28:41

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