Airport Commission 07-18-2023

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1. Call to Order 00:00:00

2. Roll Call 00:00:12

3. Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:37

4. Minutes of the Previous Meetings 00:01:01

June 20, 2023

5. Public Comment 00:01:30

6. Commissioners Response to Public Comment 00:01:46

7. Report from Subcommittees 00:01:48

Finance (Commissioners Weil, Flores, Bailey) Infrastructure & Marketing (Commissioners Bierwirth, DiGeorge, Guiod)

8. Old Business 00:04:05

10. Report of Special Comittees 00:04:29

- Noise Report (July, October, January, April) - Yarmouth Representative Comments

9. New Business 00:12:52

A. COM0723-1 00:12:57

Approval of the Lease Agreement by and between Cape Cod Gateway Airport and Aloft Aviation Management LLC.

B. COM0723-2 00:22:47

Approval of Change Orders 1-4 by and between Cape Cod Gateway Airport and Trac Builders, Inc. for work related to the Airport Operations Modification and Upgrade and T-Hangar Replacement Project.

C. COM0723-3 00:44:10

Approval of Change Order 1 by and between Cape Cod Gateway Airport and Lawrence Lynch Inc. for work related to Runway 6/24 Replacement Project.

Updates 00:46:45

Monthly Financial Review (Finance) None this month Monthly Business Plan Review (Infrastructure) Future workshop to update the Business Plan Electric Aviation Update None this month WS Development Update Access Road Impacts Update Upcoming Finance Items: Land Lease (Hangar Development) – AMA (on hold until AMA gets back to the airport) Land Lease – DPW – Water Department MOU PFAS BETA Electric Charging Station Upcoming Infrastructure Items: Business Plan Update Smart Grant Award Update Events Update Projects Update/Status Replacement of T-hangar CARES1 & Airport Operations Renovation (see above) Project update by Matt Elia/Chris Bostwick Mary Dunn Way Extension Project update by Matt Elia/Chris Bostwick Runway 6/24 Reconstruction Project Project update by Matt Elia/Chris Bostwick EMAS Replacement Project Project update by Matt Elia/Chris Bostwick Procurement Airline Consultant (on hold until the Spring/Summer 2023) Café commercial kitchen or retail Potential seasonal use – in discussions with potential user on April 10 Airport Signs and Tower Sign Requires procurement due to construction of sign base. Waiting for additional drawings for bid specifications Airport Environmental Assessment Status ( info/environmental-assessment/) General Update PFOS/Public Involvement Plan & Update Phase V Report = underway (October 2023 submittal) Upcoming Events: September 2023 September 21, 2023 (non-airport run event) = Cape Cod Young Professionals Back to Business Bash September 22, 2023 = SE MA Aviation Career Fair (3rd event) September 23, 2023 = A Great Day at the Gateway

11. Announcements - Commissioner's Comments 01:06:28

13. Adjournment - Next Meeting, August 15, 2023 01:08:09

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