Conservation Commission 07-18-2023

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Shellfish Workshop 00:03:31

Public and Commission workshop regarding the Shellfish Area ID Map and the 2022 Shellfish Rating Table. This workshop is for public comments and Commissioners discussion. The final vote for this matter will be scheduled for a later date. The map and rating table are available on the Conservation website and under meeting material.


299 Eel River Road Realty Trust SE3-6044 00:33:30



William & Kathleen Fitzgerald 00:41:51

William J. & Kathleen M. Fitzgerald - 285 Baxters Neck Rd., Marstons Mills - Map 075 Parcel 010.002). Alteration of the 50' buffer to a wetland resource area - Coastal Bank (Town) - by cutting/clearing vegetation, installing and maintaining lawn AND failure to comply with an on-going condition of the Certificate of Compliance - SE3-2973

Christopher Shaw & Timothy Johnson 00:48:16

Christopher L. Shaw & Timothy G. Johnson - 1504 Main St./Rte. 6A, West Barnstable – Map 197 Parcel 014. Alteration of the buffer to a wetland resource area - vegetated wetland - by cutting and clearing vegetation.


Charles & Janet Daley 01:04:23

Charles M. & Janet M. Daley. To repair or replace the existing permitted timber bulkhead at 280 North Bay Road, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 072 Parcel 007. SE3-6108 $22.61

Linda Zarifi & Ali Aziz-Sultan 01:30:00

Linda Zarifi and Ali Aziz-Sultan – The Linda Zarifi Revocable Trust of 2018. Proposed construction of a single-family house at 326 Vineyard Road, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 016 Parcel 028-002. $25.84

Town of Barnstable - DPW 01:30:43

Town of Barnstable – DPW. To deploy approximately 500 sq. ft. of Floating Treatment Wetlands in Long Pond for the purposes of removing phosphorus from the pond to reduce the occurrence of cyanobacteria blooms in Long Pond, Marstons Mills as shown on Assessor’s Map 029 Parcel 008. SE3-6109 $38.76

Gloria Gilbert 02:03:11

Gloria Gilbert. Proposed house renovations including new deck and landing at 190 Plum Street, West Barnstable as shown on Assessor’s Map 196 Parcel 022-002. $19.38


Hyannisport Club 02:07:59

Steven Klemenz – Hyannisport Club, Inc. To increase base elevation of existing six (6) tennis courts, install underground drain infiltration area under tennis courts, install four (4) new pickleball courts in the existing gravel parking lot, install new Title V septic system, and install new parking lot at 2 Irving Avenue, Hyannisport as shown on Assessor’s Map 266 Parcel 031. Continued from 7/11 Sole purpose DEP #

Jeff Ingram - Pinquickset Cove LLC 02:09:16

Jeff Ingram - Pinquickset Cove LLC. Construction of a new single family home including mitigation planting for work within the 100-foot buffer zone at 98 Pinquickset Cove Circle, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 005 Parcel 066. SE3-6105 WC Form Received. Continued from 7/11

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