Board of Health 03-28-2023

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Notice of Recording 00:00:40

This meeting of the Board of Health will be recorded and transmitted by the Information Technology Department of the Town of Barnstable on Channel 18. Under MGL Chapter 30A Section 20, anyone else desiring to make such a recording or transmission must notify the Chair.

1. Food - Variance (Continued from February 28, 2023) 00:00:58

Blane Toedt, The West End, owner- 20 Scudder Avenue, Hyannis, Map/Parcel 290-112, 1.25 acre parcel, using 3,500 gallon grease trap, currently has temporary permit for an additional 86 exterior terrace seats which they are requesting become permanent. Owner will ask Department of Public Works for their support in using two smaller grease tanks in a series.

2. Variance - Septic 00:40:05

Dan Ojala, Down Cape Engineering, representing William and Karen Freeman, owners - 36 Deacon Court, Barnstable, Map/Parcel 300-054, 75,076 square feet parcel, new construction, requesting local setback variances.

3. Septic: Secondary Treatment Unit (STU): 00:45:48

Mark Dibb, Cape and Islands Engineering, representing FBO Construction, owners - 120 and 130 Dunn's Pond Road, Hyannis, Map/Parcel 270-013-001 and -002, total 25,800 square feet of two parcels, new construction, proposing use of Innovative/Alternative MicroFast Septic System for a three-bedroom flow.

4. Herbicide Usage Request 00:52:51

Amber Unruh, Department of Public Works, requesting permission to apply a herbicide, Aquaneat, on an invasive Black Locust Tree as most successful remedy for site located at 671, 695 and 721 Old Post Road, Cotuit, Map/Parcel 054-013-001, 054-011-001, and 054-011-002.

5. Pool - Variances 00:53:59

Stacie Peugh, YMCA, is requesting variances for their pools. Currently the main pool does not include steps/stairs for bathers with different abilities to enter and exit the pool. Also, the wading pool does not have two ladders for entrance and exit into pool. They are (a) requesting a variance to allow portable steps to be used in addition to the existing four ladders, one in each corner and a ADA lift, (b) requesting a variance for the wading pool deck to allow a non-fixed lifeguard chair on the deck, and (c) requesting a variance to operate the wading pool with one ladder and one ADA ramp.

6. Food - Temporary 00:59:13

Denice Lapierre, Poor Boy Fisheries, and Whitney DeCiccio, Farm Manager, are applying for a temporary food event at Harvest Moon Farms, 2211 Main Street, Barnstable, Map/Parcel 237-037, for the "Farmer, Fisher, Bakers Market" Event to be held three times a year (Spring, Late Summer, and Fall). All food is pre-made and pre-packaged, no food served on premises, menu would include: fresh/frozen scallops on mobile truck, cakes, cupcakes, candy and cookies, and frozen meats (chicken, bacon, and pork), from USDA certified vendor, Hillside Farms, Truro. First event would be May 13, 2023 from 12-5 pm. Second and third dates to be determined.

7. Minutes 01:07:39

February 28, 2023

Adjournment 01:12:08

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