Zoning Board of Appeals 03-22-2023

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Please note that this meeting is recorded and broadcast on Channel 18 and in accordance with MGL Chapter 30A §20. I must inquire whether anyone is taping this meeting and to please make their presence known.

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February 22, 2023

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A. Appeal No. 2023-006 - Andersen 00:02:31

Denise M. Andersen, Trustee of the Andersen 77 Parker Road Nominee Trust, has petitioned for two Variances from Section 240-13 E. Residence C (RC) District, Bulk Regulations, and 240-36 Resource Protection Overlay District (RPOD). The Petitioner seeks two variances to unmerge Lot 1 (40,075 sq. ft.) from Lot 2, a developed lot containing 43,915 sq. ft., pursuant to the plan prepared by Sullivan Engineering and Consulting, Inc. The subject property is located at 77 Parker Rd, Osterville, MA as shown on Assessor’s Map 117 as Parcel 135. It is located in the Residence C (RC) Zoning District.

B. Appeal No. 2023-007 - Brazilian Assembly of God 00:04:01

Brazilian Assembly of God in Hyannis has applied for a Modification Permit in accordance with Section 240-8 A. (3) Modification Permit for Exempt Uses. The Applicant, a non-profit religious institution, proposes an approximately 9,400 square foot addition to the existing church on the property. The expansion will increase the number of seats and the existing steeple will be removed and the ridgeline lowered. The proposed expansion will meet all building setbacks, except for the southerly side yard setback which is proposed at 11 feet where 30 feet is required. The proposed 576 seats require 192 parking spaces where 83 currently exist. The Applicant has parking agreements with abutting properties. Zoning relief is requested in accordance with Section 240-33E Bulk Requirements, Side Yard Setback; Section 240-56 Schedule of Off-Street Parking; and Section 240-33 Special Screening Requirements. The subject property is located at 959 Mary Dunn Road, Hyannis, MA as shown on Assessor’s Map 332 as Parcel 012. It is located in the IND (Industrial) Zoning District.

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April 12, 2023, April 26, 2023, May 10, 2023, May 24, 2023

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