Board of Health 01-24-2023

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Call to Order 00:00:00

Notice of Recording 00:00:40

1. Variance - Septic 00:00:59

A. Peter McEntee, Engineering Works, representing Greg Monfette, Owner – 139 Meadow Lane, Marstons Mills 00:01:01

Peter McEntee, Engineering Works, representing Greg Monfette, owner – 139 Meadow Lane, Marstons Mills, Map/Parcel 134-017, 196,891 square feet parcel, failed septic system, requesting multiple variances.

B. Darren Meyers, Meyer & Sons, Representing Joan Ahern, Owner – 640 Poponessett Road, Cotuit 00:07:16

Darren Meyers, Meyer & Sons, representing Joan Ahern, owner – 640 Poponessett Road, Cotuit, Map/Parcel 006-018, 20,500 square feet parcel, existing dwelling, failed septic, requesting multiple variances.

C. Peter McEntee, Engineering Works, Representing Howard and Robin Reisman, Owners – 21 Waterman Farm Road, Centerville 00:09:11

Peter McEntee, Engineering Works, representing Howard and Robin Reisman, owners – 21 Waterman Farm Road, Centerville, Map/Parcel 206-077, 4.98 acre parcel, failed septic system, requesting multiple variances.

2. Show-Cause Hearing - Sewer Connections - Stewart Creek 00:13:08

A. Fabio DeOliveria 33 Betty’s Pond Road, Hyannis B. Estate of Raymond Mitchell 38 Betty’s Pond Road, Hyannis C. Leonid & Tatyana Sukennik 121 Greenwood Avenue, Hyannis D. Thomas & Michelle Russell 44 Betty’s Pond Road, Hyannis E. Kenneth Tomasian 96 Greenwood Avenue, Hyannis *Has Permit F. Karin & Christopher Harvie 197 Greenwood Avenue, Hyannis *Completing G. Matthew & Catherine Conley 35 Point Lane, Hyannis H. Oswald Jordan - 54 Point Lane, Hyannis * Water Shut Off I. Caribbean Realty, George Eli 64-68 Seabrook Road, Hyannis J. Patricia Fallon - 256 Ocean Avenue, Hyannis

3. Septic Repair Deadline Extension (Moved to Board Meeting 2/28/23) 00:18:28

Robert Taylor, owner – 34 Edgewood Road, Hyannis, requesting an extension for deadline to repair failed septic system: 1) Liquid depth in cesspool is less than 6” below invert or available volume in less than ½ day flow, and 2) Cesspool crown was unstable and starting to cave in. Sewer will be available at this location in 7-8 years.

4. Septic Installer (New) 00:18:34

James Dufault, Mashpee, MA

5. Regulations/Policies 00:19:15

Proposed in change in Town of Barnstable Code Section 322-5 Outdoor Dining Regulation

6. Minutes 00:28:46

December 20, 2022

7. Adjournment 00:32:51

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