Zoning Board of Appeals 10-26-2022

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1. Call to Order 00:02:34

Introduction of Board Members

2. Notice of Recording 00:02:58

3. Minutes 00:03:12

4. Discussion and Vote - Request for Minor Modification Cotuit Residences - Comprehensive Permit No. 2005-100 00:03:34

Request for Minor Modification Cotuit Residences – Comprehensive Permit No. 2005-100 In 2007, Comprehensive Permit No. 2005-100 was granted for Five (5) units of multi-family housing on 2.38 acres. In a letter dated August 26, 2022, Attorney Patrick Nickerson, representing the Condo Association, requested a minor modification of Comprehensive Permit # 2005-100 so that the responsibility for maintenance of the existing landscaping is transferred from the Town to the Trust, and so that the Trust may make changes and improvements to the landscaping and its aesthetics. By permitting this minor modification to the Comprehensive Permit, the Trust will be empowered to make changes, improvements, and maintenance to the landscaping and aesthetics. The Town will also be relieved of its obligation to maintain the existing landscaping. Continued from September 28, 2022.

5. New Business 00:14:35

A. Appeal 2022-049 - Sundelin et al - West Barnstable Autobody Shop Expansion 00:14:37

Richard Sundelin, Samantha Gray, and Damion Murray have filed an appeal of an Administrative Official’s Decision in accordance with Section 240-125B(1)(a). The Building Commissioner issued a Notice of Zoning Violation and Order to Cease & Desist on August 25, 2022 which stated that a pre-existing, nonconforming auto body shop has expanded in scope, size and volume in violation of Section 240-94 B.; there has been an expansion of a pre-existing business and parking area without Site Plan approval; and the results of the expansion necessitated the re-design and reconfiguration of the pre-existing parking lot and was accomplished without Site Plan Review approval in violation of 240-100 C. & D. The subject property is located at 970/972 Main Street, West Barnstable, MA as shown on Assessors Map 156 as Parcel 026. It is located in the WBVBD Zoning District.

B. Appeal 2022-051 - Schultz, Trustee of Race Mill Realty Trust 02:33:03

Michael F. Schulz, Trustee of Race Mill Realty Trust, has petitioned for a Variance pursuant to Section 240-14E – Bulk Regulations footnote 2. The Petitioner proposes a subdivision of land where a parcel has a proposed lot area of 72,600 square feet where 87,120 square feet is required. The subject properties are addressed as 7 Millrace Rd, 1479 Race Ln, 1465 Race Ln, 1451 Race Ln, 1437 Race Ln, 12 Old Mill Rd, 6 Elmwood Dr, 20 Elmwood Dr, 34 Elmwood Dr, 27 Camelback Rd, 11 Camelback Rd, as shown on Assessor’s Map 064 as Parcels 071, 072, 073, 074, 075, 076, 077, 094, 095, 096, and 097. The lots are located in the Residential F (RF) Zoning District.

6. Correspondence 03:06:16

7. Matters Not Reasonably Anticipated by the Chair 03:06:28

8. Board Election 03:10:12

Election of Vice Chair and Clerk

9. Upcoming Hearings 03:12:07

November 9, 2022 and December 7, 2022

10. Adjournment 03:12:44

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