Shellfish Committee - 08-10-2022

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Roll Call 00:00:34

Notice of Recording 00:00:55

NOTICE OF RECORDING "Please note that tonight’s meeting is recorded and broadcast on Channel 18 and, in accordance with MGL Chapter 30A, s. 20, I must inquire whether anyone is taping this meeting and to please make their presence known.”

Approve Meeting's Minutes 00:01:11

Natural Resources Report / Correspondence 00:02:00

Natural Resources Report / Correspondence - September Closures

New Business 00:05:08

1. Definitions for shellfish regulation book: sunset, sunrise, low tide

Upcoming (and old) Proposed Coastal Projects 00:08:50

Applicant: Julia B. Gavin, Trustee- The Julia B. Gavin Trust Project Location: 707 South Main St, Centerville, MA 02632 Representative: Jean E. Duff-Still, Cape and Islands Engineering, Inc. Proposed Project: Remove and relocate one existing licensed float pile, remove and replace existing licensed float and replace with new 8’X10’ and 6’X20’

Adjournment 00:12:16

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