Planning Board 07-25-2022

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Call to Order 00:00:00

Call to Order: Introduction of Board Members and Staff Members

Notice of Recording 00:01:18

Notice of Recording: This meeting is being recorded and broadcast on Channel 18 and in accordance with MGL Chapter 30A §20. The Chair must inquire whether anyone else is taping this meeting and to please make their presence known. Application materials may be accessed by contacting or calling 508-862-4064.

Public Comment 00:01:50

Approval Not Required 00:01:55

Loucas K. Carvounis and Girard Brisbois 00:02:00

Loucas K. Carvounis and Girard Brisbois have submitted a request for an approval not required plan entitled “49 and 65 Chole Court Barnstable MA, prepared for Loucas K. Carvounis et al” dated June 16, 2022. (Majority of Full Board)

Richard and Martha Robinson 00:06:00

Richard and Martha Robinson have submitted a request for an approval not required plan entitled “Plan of Land at 1080 River Road, Marstons Mills MA, prepared for Richard H. and Martha P. Robinson” dated May 13, 2022, and revised July 18, 2022. (Majority of Full Board)

Staff Updates 00:07:55

Local Comprehensive Plan 00:08:50

Remote Participation - Executive Order Extension 00:14:45

Housing Planning, Policy and Program Overview 00:20:29

Correspondence 00:48:28

DEP/Chapter 91 Notice – 611 Santuit Rd., Gallagher – ramp and float DEP/Chapter 91 Notice – Park City Wind LLC – New England Wind 1 Connector Project – electric export cables

Approval of Minutes 00:48:45

Approval of Minutes - July 11, 2022, draft minutes

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