Licensing Authority 07-11-2022

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Amplify POC 00:03:14

Special One Day License – Beer & Wine Including Entertainment Application made Amplify POC, PO Box 284, Hyannis, to hold the “Amplify POC Summer Vendor Market” event at Aselton Park, on August 20, 2022 from 12PM to 5PM. The beer and wine will be poured by Island Café & Grill. Entertainment to include live amplified music. Vendors will be selling goods and there will also be food trucks and activities for children

Trustees of Reservations 00:11:09

Special One Day License – Beer & Entertainment Only Application made by Trustees of Reservations, Weir River Farm, to hold the “Village Day Community Picnic” event at Armstrong Kelly Park, on July 16, 2022 from 4PM to 7PM. The beer will be poured by Anne Smith-White; current TIPS Certification on file. Entertainment to include live amplified music.


Bike Zone 00:14:13

New Junk Dealer Bike Zone, Inc dba Bike Zone Inc., 323 Barnstable Road, Hyannis, for a new Junk Dealer License, to sell second-hand goods.

Tasty Crab Seafood and Bar 00:16:35

New Daily Live Entertainment License Tasty Crab Seafood Inc. dba Tasty Crab Seafood and Bar, 615 Main Street, Suite 13 & 14, Hyannis, for a new Daily Live Entertainment License with a maximum of 4 performers; hours of live entertainment 12PM to 11PM daily.

CBA Snack Bar 00:19:11

New Annual Common Victualler Christian Camp Meeting Association dba CBA Snack Bar, 915B Craigville Beach Road, Centerville, for a new Annual Common Victualler License with 20 inside seats and 24 outdoor seats; hours of operation will be daily from 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Copeland Subaru 00:22:20

Amend Class I Auto Dealer CopeCodder Enterprises Corp dba Copeland Subaru, 24 Ridgewood Avenue, Hyannis to change their location to 95 & 123 Falmouth Road, Hyannis and 172 & 180 Walton Avenue, Hyannis; 218 display spaces, 36 employee spaces, 4 handicap spaces, 29 customer spaces for a total of 287 spaces.

Kettle Ho 00:26:19

Amend Annual All Alcohol Common Victualler Clartin, Inc. dba Kettle Ho, 12 School Street, Cotuit for a Change of Officers/Directors including ownership interest and transfer of stock from Michael Clark, 50% owner and Stephen Curtain, 50% owner to Stephen Curtain 100% owner.

Target 00:29:05

Amend Package Store Wine & Malt Super Target Liquor of Massachusetts, Inc. dba Target, 769 Iyannough Road, Hyannis for a Change of Manager from Daron Holloway to Sara Tinsley; as well as a change to the Directors and Officers to remove Sarah H. Reizakis, Director; remove Janine Brown-Wiese, Assistant Secretary; add Anthony Frank Heredia, Assistant Secretary.

Gimmy's Tavern 00:33:40

Amend Annual All Alcohol Common Victualler Mass. Military Support Foundation d/b/a Gimmy’s Tavern, 1800 Iyannough Road, Barnstable for Change of Manager from Kathy Morelli to Diandra Nugent

The 19th Hole 00:43:17

Amend Annual All Alcohol Common Victualler C&D Shamrock, Inc. dba The Nineteenth Hole (19th Hole), 11 Barnstable Road, Hyannis for a Change of Manager from Christopher J. Doherty to David Cronan; as well as a change in the Corporate Structure from Partnership to Sole Proprietor.

Pizza Barbone 00:44:45

Amend Annual All Alcohol Common Victualler Pizza Barbone LLC dba Pizza Barbone, 390 Main Street, Hyannis for an Alteration of Premises. New premise description to read: Located on the first floor of a 2 story brick masonry building, one entrance/exits at the front & one at the rear, 967 sq ft main dining room with bar area, 174 sq ft staff room, 687 sq ft kitchen, 936 sq ft prep kitchen, 2 walk-ins, storage room, two restrooms at the front & two restrooms in the rear for customers, dining room has seating for 87, outdoor dining seats 24.


Renewals Cape Quality Car Sales - Class II Auto Dealer Special One Day License RETRO – Beer & Wine Application made by St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Cape Cod, to hold the “St. George Greek Food Fest” event held 1130 Falmouth Road, Centerville, a food festival event on July 8, 2022 from 4PM to 10PM. Beer and Wine will be poured by Nikolas Atsalis; current TIPS certification on file.

SHOW CAUSE HEARING - Four Seasons Trattoria 00:48:30

In accordance with MGL c.138, the Barnstable Licensing Authority will hold Show Cause Hearing to consider the modification, suspension or revocation of the Annual All Alcohol Common Victualler license for Four Seasons Trattorria in Hyannis, Inc. d/b/a Four Seasons, 350 Stevens St, Hyannis for the following violations of the Town of Barnstable, MA Code: 501-12 Business Assignments of Licenses; and 502-1 Alcoholic Beverages General Provisions.

Grand Cafe Restaurant 01:48:51

Transfer Annual All Alcohol Common Victualler and Daily Non-Live Entertainment Grand Café Restaurant, Inc. dba Grand Café Restaurant, Inc. 350 Stevens Street, Hyannis to transfer the All Alcohol Common Victualler and Daily Non-Live Entertainment licenses from Four Seasons Trattoria in Hyannis, Inc. dba Four Seasons Trattoria in Hyannis to Grand Café Restaurant, Inc. dba Grand Café Restaurant, Inc. Hours of operation 10AM to 10PM, daily. Daily Non-Live Entertainment is for recorded music and 3 TV’s.

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