Conservation Commission 05-24-2022

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Executive Session for the purpose of discussing litigation strategy with respect to the pending appeal by Bog Partners, LLC to MassDEP regarding 1246 Bumps River Road, DA-21042.


830 Wakeby Road 00:23:35

Conservation Restriction – Mark Robinson - 830 Wakeby Road, (Village of Marstons Mills), Barnstable, 15.3 acres. Map 013 Parcel 003.

Park City Wind 00:28:22

Park City Wind – Craigville Beach – Article 97 and easements.


Daniel and Sandra Geller 00:46:01

Daniel and Sandra Geller. Proposed beach nourishment at 44 Johnson Lane, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 193 Parcel 043. DA-22013 $12.70

Michael and Lauren Reddy 01:24:28

Michael and Lauren Reddy. After the fact approval for installation of an aluminum fence in the 50’ and 100’ buffer to the resource area, proposed installation of a 10 x 12 garden shed in the 100’ buffer zone and proposed mitigation at 83 Blantyre Avenue, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 020 Parcels 229 109 and 229 010. DA-22014 $30.48


Richard Koch 01:36:44

Richard Koch. Proposed 70 s.f. addition to existing shed over existing wooden foundation at 148 Inwood Lane, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 245 Parcel 007. SE3-5991 $17.78

Marshal M. Green 02:00:22

Marshal M. Green, Trustee – 210 Carriage Road Nominee Trust. To remove existing pool and proposed construction of a new pool in a new location, a house addition with patio replacement, elevated stairs down the coastal bank, relocation of hen enclosure, and landscaping to include bank restoration and associated appurtenances at 210 Carriage Road, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 071 Parcel 016. SE3-5993 $38.10

J. Paul III & Susan Condrin 02:33:15

J. Paul III & Susan Condrin. To permit as built landscape features to include relocated shed, gravel drive, garden and rinse station at 270 Smoke Valley Road, Marstons Mills as shown on Assessors’ Map 097 Parcel 001 001. SE3-5994 $22.86

Thomas & Denise Kracz 02:36:36

Thomas & Denise Kracz. Proposed raze & removal of single-family dwelling and cottage; construction of a single-family dwelling with screen porch, decks; relocation of septic tank, repair of existing garage at 205 Stoney Point Road, Barnstable as shown on Assessor’s Map 336 Parcel 029. $27.94

Kevin McShea 02:43:56

Kevin McShea. Construction of pier, ramp and float for non-motorized use at 116 Bay Road, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 007 Parcel 021. $15.24

Tobias Welo 03:02:10

Tobias Welo. Modifications to existing pier by extending its total length 41’, relocating it 3’ north and substituting piles for supports at 25 Cove Lane, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 052 Parcel 009. SE3-5984 Continuance from April 26, 2022.

Gail A. Canzano 04:02:47

Gail A. Canzano. Proposed addition with all associated appurtenances including relocating a walkway and a new innovative septic system at 483 Eel River Road, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 114 Parcel 018. SE3-5983 Continued from 5/3/2022.

Amended Order - Stanley Davitoria 04:38:35

Amended Order - Stanley Davitoria – SE3-5739 Proposed changes to the original Order of Conditions include the relocated wall, along with a proposed pool, patio, shed, and deck at 55 & 61 Beechwood Road, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 252 Parcel’s 182 and 008. Continued from 5/3/22


Mark Klaman 05:03:00

Mark Klaman. Proposed 728 square foot addition to existing single-family dwelling within buffer zone to salt marsh at 25 Cross Way, Hyannisport as shown on Assessor’s Map 245 Parcel 043. SE35989 Under advisement from 5/10/22

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