Conservation Commission 09-14-2021

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A. Emergency Certifications for Ida storm damage 00:04:10

A. Emergency Certifications for storm damage after Ida. 1. Cotuit Town Dock 37 Oyster Place Road, Cotuit gully/ exposed pipe 2. Ropes Beach 85 Old Shore Road, Cotuit gully 3. Fortes Beach 40 Iyanough Road, Hyannis gully


A. Anne B. Pellegrino 00:06:17

A. Anne B. Pellegrino. Construct addition and attached garage in the area of the existing pool cottage at 320 Carriage Road, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 070 Parcel 017002. DA-21051 $20.52


A. Edwardo Franco 00:09:19

A. Edwardo Franco. To construct a pool, patio, and retaining wall at 46 Captain Lumbert Lane, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 147 Parcel 011 007. SE3-5916 $20.52

B. Laurie J. Hall, Trustee, TMT Realty Trust 00:40:20

B. Laurie J. Hall, Trustee, TMT Realty Trust. Proposed dock system to include installation of a pier, ramp and float at 979 Sea View Avenue, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 090 Parcel 008. $20.52 Continuance requested to 10/12/21.

C. William & Sherry Lawson 00:41:20

C. William & Sherry Lawson. Remove existing dwelling and reconstruct a new dwelling with detached garage at 133 Gosnold Street, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 324 Parcel 007. $20.52

D. Steve Mojo and Shell Lane Pond Owners 01:04:23

D. Steve Mojo and Shell Lane Pond Owners. Aquatic pesticide application to control nuisance aquatic vegetation in Shell Lane Pond, Steven Mojo, 1179 Main Street, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 019 Parcel 130002, Ronald Cavallon, 121 Shell Lane Map,109 Parcel 159, Mary Manning, 119 Shell Lane, Map 019 Parcel 101002, Dave O’Rourke, 35 Hull Lane, Map 019 Parcel 162, Christine Scanlon, 127 Shell Lane, Map 019 Parcel 158. $47.88


A. Stephen P. Ahern - Alta Vista 2020 Realty Trust 01:05:00

A. Stephen P. Ahern, Trustee – Alta Vista 2020 Realty Trust. Proposed replacement of existing float with new 8’ x 25’ float and proposed land management to eradicate phragmites within an area of 3,500 +/- square feet at 421 Main Street, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 164 Parcel 004. SE3-5897 Continued from 8/3/2021.

B. Damon and Natalie Fieldgate 01:50:59

B. Damon and Natalie Fieldgate. To permit seasonal float, dock, and ramp at 67 Lakeside Drive, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 252 Parcel 096. Continued from 9/7 for the sole purpose of DEP#, comments and NHESP. SE3-5918

C. Mark Klaman 01:52:15

C. Mark Klaman. Addition to single-family residence at 25 Cross Way, West Hyannisport as shown on Assessors Map 245 Parcel 043. SE3-5907 Continued from 8/10, Continuance request to 9/28.

D. AAR Legacy, LLC 01:53:38

D. AAR Legacy, LLC. Proposed shoreline improvements to include replacement of existing failing timber bulkhead with a stone revetment, and the replacement of the beach house, deck and stairs at 671 Old Post Road, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 054 Parcel 013001. SE3-5905 Continued from 8/10

E. Bog Partners LLC - 1246 Bumps River Rd. 02:00:01

E. Bog Partners, LLC – c/o A.M. Wilson Associates, Inc. Installation of security fencing along southerly and westerly portions of property lines at 1246 Bumps River Road and 0 Marie-Ann Terrace, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 188 Parcels 045 and 012. DA-21042 Continued from 8/10


A. Von Schroeter SE3-5455 (coc, ez) modify pier; dredging * 0 & 28 Windrush Lane, Osterville - North Bay B. Boyle SE3-5630 (coc, ez) Pool, New Deck & Patio * 292 Grand Island Drive, Osterville - bordering vegetated wetland

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