Conservation Commission 05-25-2021

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A. Tangley Campbell Lloyd. 00:02:00

Proposed landscaping to include patio/steps and removal of invasive plants and restoration with native species at 23 Park Place, Hyannis Port as shown on Assessor’s Map 286 Parcel 010. DA-21028 $21.12

B. Leslie and Joseph Bondaryk. 00:08:00

Proposed trim and restore access to paths, remove overgrown scrub vegetation impinging on beach access, trim existing vista, and install kayak racks at 0 Pleasant Pines Avenue, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 233 Parcel 007. DA-21029 $21.12

C. Egan Family Irrevocable Trust 00:38:00

Proposed septic system upgrade at 330 West Bay Road, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 116 Parcel 013. DA-21030 $15.84

D. JMS Holdings, LLC. 00:39:00

Replace beach access stairs, remove dead pines along retaining wall, replace selected non-native trees and shrubs with native and native compatible species and add trees and shrubs along east fence line at 134 South Bay Road, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 093 Parcel 064. DA-21031 $26.40

E. Dan Lulley 00:46:00

Proposed structural renovations with new foundation, new driveway at 21 Cockachoiset Lane, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 116 Parcel 008. DA-21032 $15.84


A. Joseph Kennedy, Trustee 00:50:00

B. Jacqueline Leigh Duffy 01:08:00

Raze and replace single family dwelling and landscaping at 105 Horseshoe Lane, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 207 Parcel 100. $15.84

C. Anne D. Morris 01:28:00

To replace existing stairs and boardwalk, and to construct a pier, ramp, and float at 140 Bay Road, Cotuit as shown on Assessor’s Map 007 Parcel 019. SE3-5881 $15.84

D. Candace and Jeffrey Dobro 01:46:00

Proposed construction of a wooden walkway/stairway across a coastal bank to the path to the existing dock, and construction of a kayak rack; restoration of a portion of the coastal bank adjacent to the stairway including management of invasive species and planting of native plants at 309 Bay Lane, Centerville as shown on Assessors Map 186 Parcel 014. $31.68

E. Susan Moore Morgenthau, Trustee 01:51:00

To re-permit work previously approved under SE3-5539 to include proposed improvements to the porch, to demolish the detached garage and rebuild new, and landscaping to include driveway modification, replacement of screening trees and hedges, bank and buffer restoration and all associated appurtenances at 713 Sea View Avenue, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 113 Parcel 007. SE3-5883 $36.96

F. C-O-MM Fire District, Water Department 02:04:00

To re-permit work previously approved under SE3- 5009, construction of a drinking water pumping facility for an existing gravel packed groundwater well on an existing and cleared site at 0 Old Post Road, Marstons Mills as shown on Assessor’s Map 042 Parcel 009. $15.84


A. Red Lily Pond Project Association, Inc 02:14:00

Cutting and removing nuisance aquatic weeds using a mechanical harvester (Eco-Cutter), to improve the water quality and habitat from Red Lily Pond and Lake Elizabeth as shown on Assessor’s Maps 226 and 227. SE3-5862 Continued from 4/13/21. Continuance requested.

B. James D. and Nancy E. Montgomery, Trustees 02:19:00

Remove existing landscape wall and replace with two new retaining walls, grade behind the new wall, plant at toe of both walls, loam and seed all disturbed areas, maintain a 5.6 ft. wide path to the water, well around one tree and prune one tree by the pond at 142 Pond Street, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 118 Parcel 100. Continued from 4/27/21. SE3-5876


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