Town Council 01-21-2021

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1. ROLL CALL 00:00:36



4. PUBLIC COMMENT 00:02:21


7. ACT ON MINUTES (Including Executive Session) 01:17:48

8. COMMUNICATIONS- from elected officials, boards, 01:19:50

8. COMMUNICATIONS- from elected officials, boards, committees, and staff commission reports, correspondence and announcements

Joint Meeting Town Council/ School Committee 01:30:22

2021-063 03:16:38

2021-063 Appropriation Order in the amount of $85,000 for the purpose of paying operating expenses of the Legal Department for the services of the law firm of Anderson & Kreiger which is serving as outside counsel to the Town with respect to two Notices of Intent to Sue received from the Conservation Law Foundation (Public Hearing) (Roll Call Majority Full Town Council)

2021-065 03:26:07

2021-065 Resolve accepting a grant in the amount of $10,400 from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for the purpose of enhancing the Town’s Waste Reduction Programs (May be acted upon) (Roll Call Majority).

2021-066 03:28:35

2021-066 Resolve naming the Department of Public Works Administration Building located at 382 Falmouth Road, Hyannis, MA as the Captain Robert L. O’Brien Public Works Administration Building (May be acted upon) (Roll Call Majority)

2021-067 03:37:11

2021-067 Appropriation Order in the amount of $45,000 for the purpose of acquiring an easement on a portion of the property located at 528 Craigville Beach Road, Barnstable (Centerville) Massachusetts shown on Assessors Map 246 as Parcel 071 to be associated with the construction of new sewer infrasructure (Refer to Public Hearing 02/04/2021)

2021-068 03:38:57

2021-068 Order authorizing a Housing Development Incentive Program Tax Increment Exemption Agreement between the Town of Barnstable and Pearl Street Holdings, LLC for 9 new market rate residential units located at 39 Pearl Street, Hyannis, MA (First Reading) (Refer to Second Reading 02/04/2021)

2021-069 03:40:38

2021-069 Resolve approving an amendment to the Housing Development Incentive Program Zone and Plan to include 850 Falmouth Road & 3 Whitehall Way in Hyannis, MA, for submission to the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) (May be acted upon) (Roll Call Majority).

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