Zoning Board of Appeals 07-10-2019

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Call to Order Introduction of Board Members 00:00:07

Notice of Recording 00:00:31

Notice of Recording Please note that this meeting is recorded and broadcast on Channel 18 and in accordance with MGL Chapter 30A §20. I must inquire whether anyone is taping this meeting and to please make their presence known

Appeal No. 2019-033 Ferrill 00:00:45

Appeal No. 2019-033 Ferrill Forrest and Linda K. Ferrill, II, are appealing a decision from an Administrative Official which was a denial of a building permit. The Building Commissioner has denied the issuance of a building permit in reference to Section 240-43 citing that the request for the 40 foot by 60 foot metal pole barn is not customary or incidental to a single-family dwelling and that the structure becomes predominant and thus the principal use. The subject property is located at 34 Cammett Road, Marstons Mills, MA as shown on Assessor’s Map 079 as Parcel 020. It is located in the Residence F (RF) Zoning District. Continued from June 12, 2019 and June 26, 2019. Members assigned: David Hirsch, Herbert Bodensiek, Jacob Dewey, Paul Pinard, Mark Hansen

Appeal No. 2019-034 Tardanico 00:02:17

Appeal No. 2019-034 Tardanico Charles Tardanico, Trustee of the Construction Associates Realty Trust, has petitioned for a Variance in accordance with Section 240- 91.H(1)(b)[1] – Developed Lot Protection, Demolition and Rebuilding on Nonconforming Lot. The Petitioner is requesting relief from the maximum 20% lot coverage in order to construct a 16 foot by 36 foot pool resulting in a lot coverage of 21.6%. The property is located at 158 Parker Road, Osterville, MA as shown on Assessor’s Map 116 as Parcel 037. It is located in the Residence C Zoning District. No members assigned, no testimony taken. Members assigned: Alex Rodolakis, David Hirsch, Herb Bodensiek, Jake Dewey, Mark Hansen

Appeal No. 2019-037 Heslinga 00:24:01

Appeal No. 2019-037 Heslinga Steven G. and Lynn E. Heslinga have applied for Modification of Special Permit 1992-04 in order to relocate a non-conforming apartment unit/garage structure to a different location on the same property. The property is located at 1643 Hyannis Road, Barnstable, MA on Assessor’s Map 299 as Parcel 001-001. It is located in the Residence G (RG) Zoning District.

Correspondence 00:34:50

Correspondence ? Received June 21, 2019 – Chapter 91 pier application for a state license to permit and maintain an existing dock at 88 Connors Road, Centerville . ? March 26, June 23, and June 25, 2019 – Emails from Phil Macallister and Janet Virkus regarding concerns on Special Permit No. 2018- 068 McKinley/Boris issued for property located at 166 Seventh Avenue, Hyannis (Hyannisport), MA

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