Hyannis Historic District Commission 06-05-2019

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Reminder of Commission’s Purpose and Proper Proced 00:05:17

Election of Officers 00:08:00

Continued Business 00:12:00

Discussion Certificate of Appropriateness 00:14:50

Certificate of Appropriateness Verizon New England 01:18:02

Certificate of Hardship Verizon New England, Inc 03:45:00

Leslie Bondaryk d/b/a Wackenhammer’s Arcade 03:53:00

Pablo C. Martinez 04:14:50

Benjamin Surro for Tap City Grill 04:17:31

Liz Hartsgrove for Town of Barnstable and Elizabet 04:18:50

Brandi Williams d/b/a 606 Thrift Ave 04:37:00

Shannon Connolly d/b/a Bugg’s Place Toys 04:39:12

Matters not Reasonably Anticipated by the Chair 04:50:00

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