Board of Health 03-26-2019

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I. Variances – Septic (Cont): 00:01:30

A. Dan Ojala, Down Cape Engineering 00:01:31

II. Variance – Septic: 00:16:47

A. Terence M. Hayes, R.S. 00:16:49

III. Variance – Food 00:30:57

A. Andre Reggio- Cape Cod Church of Christ 00:30:59

IV. Request for Determination 00:42:28

A. Laura Kelley, (POCCA) 00:42:31

B. Laura Kelley MDAR. 01:21:03

C. Brian G. Yergatian, of BSC Group Inc 01:33:04

D. Andrea McArthur, representing Puritan of Cape 01:40:33

V. Policies 01:44:25

A. Proposed Revision to Administrative Variances 01:50:13

Revisit of Tobacco Regulations: Flavored tobacco 01:54:53

A. Cape Cod Commission, correspondence 02:37:09

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