Community Preservation Committee 12-17-2018

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Call to Order 00:00:05

Minutes 00:00:35

Approval of the Draft CPC Regular Meeting Minutes from November 26, 2018.

Letters of Intent 00:01:08

A Letter of Intent has been received from Orenda Wildlife Land Trust seeking $290,000 in CPA Open Space/Recreation funds to purchase three buildable lots totaling 6.2 acres on Great Marsh Road, Centerville. This CP funding request represents a portion of the $500,000 asking price, with Orenda contributing $170,000 and pledges from neighbors for $40,000. Orenda proposes to retain ownership of the property, with a conservation restriction to the Town of Barnstable.

Applications 00:13:55

An Application has been received from the Centerville Historical Museum located at 513 Main Street, Centerville, MA seeking $30,000 in CPA Historic Preservation funds representing a portion of the entire project cost to replace the roof of the main museum building and adjoining Tin Shop. The museum contains 17,000 irreplaceable historical artifacts that define the history of Centerville and surrounding communities.

Updates/Discussion 00:34:53

Discussion/Review 00:34:56

FORWARD – CPC Application - Securing legal interest in perpetuity.

2019 DRAFT CPC Meeting Schedule 00:35:18

Seashore Homes, Inc. 00:39:05

Seashore Homes, Inc., December 20, 2018 Town Council Agenda for 1st read.

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