Old Kings Highway Historic District Committee 12-12-2018

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Applications 00:00:21

Old West Barnstable Cemetery 00:01:00

Town of Barnstable, Old West Barnstable Cemetery, 0 Meetinghouse Way, West Barnstable, Map 155, Parcel 034 Install new sign

Millway and Main Street Road Improvements 00:03:29

Town of Barnstable, Millway and Main Street Road Improvements, approximate location of project is in front of 3019 Main Street, Barnstable, Map 279, Parcel 043, about 150 feet west of the corner of 6A and Rendezvous Lane Install a new headwall/retaining wall on the south end of an existing culver under Main Street. Wall to include pedestrian safety wall along back sidewalk of this location; proposed materials will be reinforced concrete with stone veneer

Beach Point, LLC 00:11:45

Beach Point, LLC, 133 Maushop Avenue, Barnstable, Map 278, Parcel 046/002 Install 20’X40’ swimming pool

Sunset Lane LLC 00:14:42

Sunset Lane LLC, 155 Sunset Lane, Barnstable, Map 319, Parcel 025 8’X36’ single story addition; 4’X10’ extension to breezeway; renovate interior space to become screened in porch; new windows and siding

O’Keefe, Tara M 00:18:50

O’Keefe, Tara M., 1106 Main Street, West Barnstable, Map 178, Parcel 013/002 Demolish 336sqft shed/barn

Berry, Dana, & Dejonker-Berry 00:22:50

Berry, Dana, & Dejonker-Berry, 1990 Main Street, West Barnstable, Map 217, Parcel 015 850sqft addition to the east elevation


Kennedy, Matthew 00:28:49

Kennedy, Matthew, 328 Willow Street, West Barnstable, Map 131, Parcel 024 Construct 50’ X 30’ barn

Swanson, Paul 00:30:48

Swanson, Paul, 92 Acre Hill Road, Barnstable, Map 297, Parcel 059 14’X6’ addition to the rear elevation; materials to match existing

Duenas, Terry & Susan 00:32:26

Duenas, Terry & Susan, 690 Cedar Street, West Barnstable, Map 109, Parcel 015/001 Replace sliders and kitchen window on the rear elevation

Burns, Patrick 00:34:09

Burns, Patrick, 4332 Main Street, Barnstable, Map 351, Parcel 032 Replace nine windows and one door, reside with cedar shingles


Kurinsky, Phil & Barsalou, Lori 00:37:00

Kurinsky, Phil & Barsalou, Lori, 61 Harborview Road, Barnstable, Map 319, Parcel 047 Expand rear dormer to both ends of the house and create colonial gable end

OTHER Matters not reasonably anticipated by Chair 00:39:06

APPROVAL OF MINUTES November 14, 2018 00:40:35

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