Conservation Commission 06-07-2022

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Park City Wind 00:01:01

Park City Wind – Craigville Beach – Article 97 and easements: the Conservation Commission will consider and vote that the following properties located at 997 Craigville Beach Road, Centerville map 206 parcel 13, and 20 South Main Street, Centerville map 228 parcel 138 are Article 97 land and are surplus to municipal, conservation and open space needs.


Colonial Gas Company 00:44:03

Colonial Gas Company. Installation of a new gas main extension within the Parker Road ROW, roadway shoulder, and portions of maintained lawn and existing driveways at 461, 441, 369, and 365 Parker Road, West Barnstable as shown on Assessor’s Map 176 Parcels 025-002, 025, 021-002, 021001 and Roadway ROW. DA-22015 $29.52

Sandra L. Howard 00:48:16

Sandra L. Howard. Proposed addition to corner of house and kitchen remodel at 40 Winfield Lane, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 116 Parcel 102. DA-22017 $14.76

Emanuel Alves 00:50:28

Emanuel Alves. Remove two pitch pines that have Turpintine Beetle damage at 1359 Route 28, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 229 Parcel 086. DA-22018 $14.76

Dilmar Ribeiro 01:07:15

Dilmar Ribeiro. Build two dormers above the existing garage at 120 Cobble Stone Road, Barnstable as shown on Assessor’s Map 316 Parcel 063-001 DA-22019. $14.76

Karen M Gadbois 01:08:28

Karen M Gadbois. Proposed construction of a 2nd floor addition and construction of a 4’ x 18’ porch at 15 Birch Drive, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 245 Parcel 134. DA-22020 $17.22


Shoestring Properties LP 01:13:43

Shoestring Properties LP. Multifamily dwelling units replacing restaurant and parking lots at 110 and 115 School Street, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 326 Parcels 121 & 125. SE3-5998 $17.22

Oyster Harbors Club Inc. 01:43:13

Oyster Harbors Club Inc. Control of invasive and/or nuisance vegetation through use of physical, mechanical techniques to benefit the resource area(s) at 2067 Oyster Harbors, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 071 Parcel 004-001. SE3-5995 $22.14

Paul Capasso 01:49:35

Paul Capasso. Installation of a new in-ground pool and stone patio at 116 Bay Shore Road, Hyannis as shown on Assessor’s Map 325 Parcel 079. $14.76

William Cole 02:04:00

William Cole. Replace existing gravel driveway with pavement and associated drainage at 439 Elliott Road, Centerville as shown on Assessor’s Map 227, Parcel 111. SE3-5999 $17.22

John William Carey 02:12:44

John William Carey. Construction of new screen porch and deck, and maintenance and repair of existing fire damaged dwelling at 59 West Terrace, Centerville as shown on Map 207 Parcel 116. $19.68


Tobias Welo 02:41:00

Tobias Welo. Construction of wave break and planting at 25 and 35 Cove Lane, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 052 Parcel 009 and Map 053 Parcel 012 002. SE3-5976. Continued from 5/10/22.


Paul Fitzgerald 03:57:04

Paul Fitzgerald – Construction of approximately 102 ft. sloped stone revetment, approximately 67 ft. of vertical plastic bulkhead, and buffer plantings located at 207 Keveney Lane, Cummaquid as shown on Assessors Map 352 Parcel 023. SE3-5972 Continued from 3/29/22.

Tobias Welo 03:57:04

Tobias Welo. Modifications to existing pier by extending its total length 41’, relocating it 3’ north and substituting piles for supports at 25 Cove Lane, Osterville as shown on Assessor’s Map 052 Parcel 009. SE3-5984 Continuance from April 26, 2022.Under advisement from 5/24/22.


A. 923 Cape View LLC B. Wianno Club

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